Since more than four decades RAZON manufactures specialty chemicals including the finest and free flowing quality of wax emulsion, developed specifically for quality conscious industries who appreciate consistent superior performance, stability (even in long-term storage), advantage in applied cost and technical support.

With multiple manufacturing facilities across Pune, a sound technical team, and proximity to Nhava Sheva Sea Port RAZON has been successfully exporting products to various SAARC and developed countries across the globe, and you can get the best product at your doorstep within a short time.

Our strength so far has been our customer centric approach; with the right products and knowledge we have been able to win the loyalty of our clients and the confidence of new customers.

Wax emulsion is used for its versatile properties in imparting lubrication, anti-blocking, matting and water repellency. Our Wax emulsion is developed in three grades- 40%, 50% & 60% which is designed for the following industries:-

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Construction
  • Paints and Inks
  • Metal industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Woodworking industry
  • Production of glass fiber
  • Processing of mineral fertilizers
  • Manufacture of electrical insulation tapes
  • Mold release agents in plastic and cast-metal processing
  • Manufacture of moisture-resistant gypsum drywall boards


Wax emulsions are used for Impregnation, both during paper/ cardboard/ corrugated paper manufacture as well as for the finishing of the paper

Secondly, for paper used in packing of hygroscopic products, a film of wax emulsion is applied on the paper to provide an unbroken, waterproof, flexible, smooth layer, which is and impermeable to water vapour.

Thirdly, in small dosages, paraffin wax emulsions are added during paper processing to promote the uniform distribution of the size in the fibrous structure of the paper, since the wax particles deflocculate the resin adhesive particles from one another it prevents the agglomeration. Further of such paper the print ability is improved and printing efficiency is enhanced.


Paraffin wax emulsion is used for softening, and finishing and to impart lubricity, suppleness & shine to Cotton & rayon fabric in two step process in conjunction with aluminium acetate.


Paraffin wax emulsions are used in construction industry for the manufacture of curing compounds, which are an excellent way of reducing the consumption of curing water. It is observed that approx. 170- 190 liters of water is required per sq ft of construction of any building, out of which 70% is consumed for curing of the cement/concretes. Saving this curing water will be a huge step in saving our environment.

RAZON’s paraffin wax used for manufacture of curing compounds ensure that the concrete achieves early and ultimate concrete strength comparable to and higher than the conventionally cured concrete.

Paraffin wax emulsions are used in manufacture of waterproof sealing compounds for various applications.

Manufacture of Paints

Paraffin wax emsulsions are a very basic raw material in ink, paints and coatings  formulations, they aid the suspension and dispersion of other additives, enhance the luster of the coating, and improve the appearance of the pigment along with ensuring a better quality finished product.

Metal industry

Razons’ Wax emsulsions are used by OEM’s as a temporary coating for protection of metal from corrosion during transit or flash rusting. Its efficacy can be tested by slat spray test and is found satisfactory for upto 72 hours & is thus useful as a temporary protective coating.

Woodworking industry

RAZON’s Wax Emulsion provides very good lubricity of the particles during the processing (mixing and trandfer/placing) of the particle board.

Since the particle size of wax emulsions are smaller (<5 micron) than molten paraffin wax, it  causes better penetration into the wood fiber and provides more efficient hydrophobization. For this reason it is better to use Wax emulsions in engineered wood industry to ensure dimensional stability and eliminate swelling of your final product by protecting wood boards like plywood, particle board, MDF and OSB from moisture. 

Secondly, RAZON’s Wax emulsion synergise well with the adhesive of melamine- OR carbamide-base resins, and thus you could also reduce your consumptions of these adhesives by 10-15%.

Thirdly, Using RAZON’s wax emulsion makes the plate surface smoother and softer which results in an increase in life of the grinding belt.

Production of glass fiber

RAZON’s wax emulsions are used as an additive during the manufacture of glass fibers to provide lubricity.

Processing of mineral fertilizers

RAZON’s Wax emulsions are used to provide hydrophobicity to the grannules of the fertilizers especially deliquescent products like nitrate salts.

Manufacture of electrical insulation tapes and masking tapes

To provide water repellancy and ease in removing the tape, Razon’s wax emulsions are used in the manufacture of electrical insulation tapes and masking tapes.

Mold release agents in plastic and cast-metal processing.

Razon’s Wax emulsions are used by the plastic industry as a mould release agent. They are also used by this industry as a temporary protective coating against scratches.

Manufacture of moisture-resistant gypsum drywall boards

RAZON’s paraffin wax emulsions are applied over the drywall boards, and are added during the manufacture of dry wall boards to offer the final product water resistance, and a longer service life. It also increases the pliability of the gypsum mortar during the plastic stage.  

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