A Water Reducer Plasticizer concrete admixture is likely the most commonly used admixture, and it must be used in all concreting applications. Why ?

Why is A Water Reducer Plasticizer used ?

  1. It reduces the water demand of concrete by upto 8-15 %, so it increases the workability of a concrete at lower water contents. –Output  – Higher strength

       2. It can be used to Reduce cement consumption for a given strength – Output – Lower cost of concrete

  1. Increases workability at a lower water content. Provides better finishing.
  2. The main reason is that it Maintains concrete’s consistency despite variation in the aggregates, environment. It eliminates seggregation & bleeding

     5.Applications- Each and every mixed concrete must have a water reducer plasticizer like RAZON SPRMC RS-15 including footings, columns, beams, slabs, PCC etc.

     6. SPRMC RS 15 at all doses improves the cohesiveness of concrete, reduces bleeding and segregation. Hence it enhances concrete strength, & improves impermeability coefficient of concrete.

You have to imagine a water reducing admixture is like salt in our food, it goes in very small quantities, but salt is the very important. Have you had salt-less food? Than why concrete without a water reducer plasticizer like RAZON SPRMC RS-15 ?

This is how a water reducing admixture works:-

Concrete Admixture working mechanism

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Below is a guideline of the performance of RAZON SPRMC RS-15

No SPRMC RS 15   W/C   Cement 28 Days Slump  Grade of Concrete
1 Nil   0.55   16% 24 N/mm sq 45 mm M-20 
2   200 ml   0.52   16% 26 N/mm sq 100 mm M-20
3 500 ML 0.50 16%              29 N/mm sq. 170 mm M-20

For further details view Tech Data Sheet

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