VTNB L-28 IN ( Glossy lacquer)


VTNB L-28 IN is a solvent based, colour enhancing, quick drying, high gloss, UV Resistant, surface sealer and clear tile lacquer specially developed for imparting longer life glossy finish to mosaic tile, terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, roof shingles, patio, external façade, natural stones and interlocking paving blocks and any other surface


Method of use:


Cast tiles/ interlocking blocks or any other product as usual. Cure product as usual. After complete drying, coat VTNB L-28 IN by brush or spray or any other appropriate method, ensure even and smooth application for best results. VTNB L-28 IN must be applied on a dust free surface for blemish free clear coat.


For natural stones, clean the surface well, remove any dust or discolouration by appropriate means. Apply one coat of VTNB L-28 IN on this surface by brush or spray or any other appropriate method. After 30 minutes apply second coat if desired.




VTNB L-28 IN is inflammable. Avoid smoking or using any sparking tools at all costs in vicinity. Allow ample ventilation whilst coating. Ensure no naked flame or spark whilst applying. Keep container lid closed after use. Store away from naked flames.


Packing: 200 ltr metal barrels.

1 Color Clear
2 Viscosity 25-30 sec B4 Ford Cup
3 Thinning Use VTNB L-21 T quick drying thinner for adjusting viscosity if
4 Shelf life 1yr for sealed cans stored in cool and dry place.
5 Storage Store in cool and dry place away from possibility of fire or sparking.
6 Precautions Inflammable  material.  Do  not  use  in  areas  susceptible  to
flames/sparks.  Apply  in  high  ventilation  areas.  Use  PPE  during
handling and useage of VTNB L-28
9 Coverage 4- 5 sq M per ltr, single coat. Brush application.



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