RAZON has been a authority figure in the construction chemicals industry with exceptional products and systems, our clients across the globe prefer to work with RAZON because we possess:-

  • a scientific group,
  • cognizance of the root cause,
  • a great product,
  • the service and support,
  • delivery of durable results &
  • most importantly commercial advantage to the client !

You have the right to use a great product, because your home is built just once, and a home is for-yourself for-ever. Use RAZON products, even though you will use it once in your life time (because you will never need to do waterproofing again) you will always remember the name ! This we promise.



RAZON’S terrace waterproofing systems have are trusted across India for treatment of new constructions and repairs of terrace waterproofing of bunglows, flats, hospitals, multiplexes large IT Companies, Industrial Buildings and Societies, due to the ZERO LEAKAGE GUARANTEE that can be provided only by RAZON’s terrace Waterproofing materials. 

So when ever you construct your structure or repair your Terrace, make sure you use RAZON’s waterproofing materials to have a leak free home.


Your bathroom is where you freshen up and it should be that way -fresh. Maintain the cleanliness by preventing leakages in the bathroom, and who to trust ? RAZON ofcourse, we have the right waterproofing materials to prevent leakages at the stage of construction. And in case you forgot to use the best waterproofing materials (by RAZON ofcourse) at the time of construction; dont worry we wont abandon you- you will yet be able to use our waterproofing materials to stop the ugly leakages once the tiles have been laid. Click on the image above for more details.


We have the right treatments to stop dampness in your walls which come up in the monsoons. It is effective and most importantly speedy. RAZON’s systems can be used in just one day to completely stop all dampness in the walls. Click on the image above to know more. 


By now you must be abreast about RAZON’s service and commitment to providing waterproofing systems which can stand the test of time, and we would’nt be one of the best if our products would not be cent-percent effective in treatment of water tanks. For us all customers are alike; and we treat a customer with a water tank of merely 500 liters with the same enthusiasm and patience as a client having a 2 crore litre water tank, and all these customers have showered us with their appreciation when the seepage’s were unreservedly stopped.     


Swimming Pools are made only once in your life, and they should be built that way- leakage free & maintenance free; and for that there is only one name you can Trust- RAZON for waterproofing systems as well as tile fixing systems the most reliable and durable. Use RAZON to “Build it once- cherish it for ever.” 


We love challenges, and basements are just one face of challenges. A basement seepage is not a surface wound which can be treated with some band-aid type of treatment. It requires in-dept treatment, which must be maneuvered with enormous caution, because the problem is never visible, the problem is behind the wall. It takes a great amount of experience to tackle such situations, and at RAZON we are the authority for resolving basement seepage’s. 


Our Expertise in waterproofing has made us the best in treating leakages of massive reservoirs and dams, by using simple techniques along with the best waterproofing materials to completely stop any leakages in dams. And if we can do it for dams, what cant we do ? Go through details for dam seepage treatments by RAZON, and contact us for project consultations. We enjoy the challenges !


If we can treat an aqueduct which has’nt leaked for more than 20 years, we can definitely treat a canal, and thank you to the Irrigation Department for placing your trust in RAZON’s products. We have treated kilometer’s of lengths of concrete canals, and prevented waste-full losses of precious water, which was used to irrigate lakhs of sq kilometers of agricultural land. We have been a proud partner at many Irrigation Projects to save water, because you know the slogan “SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE”

If you have some specific query and wish to contact us, we would love to hear from you- CONTACT US 

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