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Membrane based waterproof coating comprise of primer coat and 2 coats of topcoat film. The 2 topcoats being generally of same type some areas receive one coat only by omission, leading to seepages and associated damages.


In triple layer waterproof coating system, 3 separate coatings are employed. The primer coating, this ensures smallest crevices are covered, it is clear in colour, has high penetration features, and hence ensuring high coverage and also functions as effective sealant thus doing way with separates sealant. The second coat augments the first coat, it is whitish in colour incorporating elastomers having high thermal resistance, thus avoiding ‘slab-heating’ in summer heat. The third coat is ‘silver coat’ ensuring optimum thermal and ultra violet rays reflection. Truly, a unique combination for high impermeability waterproofing plus high radiation reflection ensuring high degree of comforts under severest summers.


Polyurethane SG –104 priming formulation. It is recommended that priming coat be applied using 5%-10% of our thinner PU-T4 with SG-104. The thinner is mixed with SG-104 just before application and quantity likely to be totally consumed immediately must only be mixed. Primer application must be thorough to ensure all minor ridges and crevices on the surface are thoroughly coated. SG-104 can be coated on metal, wood, concrete, A.C. Sheet, glass, and wide spectrum of surfaces. It has excellent bond strength and elongation features.


Allow 12-24 hours for SG-104 priming coat to dry. Apply second coat of ALK 104 preferably without any solvent or thinner. In case it is not possible to brush apply ALK-104 due to high viscosity or if the surface is very rough, mix 4%-5% thinner PU-T4 with ALK-104, mix just before using. Quantity likely to be immediately consumed must only be mixed.


Polyurethane ALK-104 is high solids, solventless urethane coating. It is single component and can be used for coating on wide spectrum of substrates; e.g. concrete, masonry surface, metal, wood, asbestos cement sheets, glass etc.


Polyurethane ALK 104 formulation offers a wide range of physical and chemical properties viz. high bond strength to various substrates, high elongation properties, high abrasion resistance, tough film, excellent resistance to mild acids and alkalis, high resilience to weathering. Due to these features, it can be used to coat terraces and ‘waterproof-by-membrane-method’. It can also be used to coat car parking bays, garages, factory flooring, warehouse floorings, sugar godowns, etc.


ALK-104 is designed to resist optimum thermal radiation, hence protects underlying substrate against deleterious weathering effects increasing life of substrate considerably.


SG-104, ALK 104 and Silver Coat 104 are very sensitive to moisture. The surface, which is to receive SG-104, should be thoroughly dried. Pre-treatment comprising of wire brush scrubbing of surface to remove all algae, rust, and laitance is recommended. If surface is oily, washing with detergent or alkali to remove traces of oil/grease is recommended. Allow the surface to be treated with SG-104 to dry completely. On dry, clean, dust free surface, apply priming coat of SG-104, as recommended above. Thereafter 1 coat of ALK-104 is recommended. Cross coating yields best results. Allow 24 hours interval between subsequent coat.


Now final coat of Silver Coat PU-104 is applied. Allow 24 hours for the film to dry. PU Silver Coat 104 reflects U.V. radiation hence resisting heat absorption, ensures high heat and abrasion


resistance gives years of protection to underlying substrate and providing excellent water proofing features.


The coating will provide years of waterproof membrane as well as cool-comfort inspite of high summer heat. thanks to the high-tech technology employed in manufacture of this system.


Due to reduction in induced thermal stress the coating exhibits high life and increases the life of terrace slab. Daily cyclic thermal variation leads to thermally induced stress which reduce life of substrate. Coating with Triple Layer Polyurethane waterproof coating practically eliminates thermal cyclic stresses increasing life of substrate tremendously.


Brush application using fine long bristle paintbrush will yield high coverage as well as fine finish.


The triple layer coating can take human traffic. Although the surface exhibits high abrasion resistance, avoid scratching the surface for long trouble-free service life.


The surface is also fungus and algae resistant, hence providing years of fine finish.


Avoid smoking, and provide ample of ventilation while applying SG-104, ALK 104, and Silver Coat 104.


Packing: SG-104, ALK 104, Silver Coat 104 are available in 1 Kg., 5 Kg. and 20 Kg.

hermetically sealed container.


1. SG-104 Colour Clear
2. Viscosity 2000 cps.
3. Pot Life 2-3 hours if mixed with thinner.  Keep container sealed during use.
4. Film Thickness 400 – 500 mils without solvent.
5. Coverage 80 – 100 Sq.ft. over smooth concrete surface.
6. PU-ALK 104  Colour Whitish
7. Viscosity 3000 cps.
8. Film Thickness 500-600 mils without solvent.
9 Coverage 80 – 100 Sq.ft. over SG 104.
10. SILVER COAT PU104 Silver Grey
11. Viscosity 2500 cps.
12 Film Thickness 500-600 mils without solvent.
13 Coverage 80 – 100 Sq.ft. over ALK 104.
14 Common Thinner Use 4% – 5% Thinner PU – TH 4
15 Shelf Life 1 year, if container well sealed.
16 Adhesion Excellent Adhesion to concrete, wood, metal, A.C. Sheet, glass etc.
17 Storage Store in cool dry place; store away from heat and sunlight.
18 Precautions Mix contents in container thoroughly before use.  Ensure container
opening is sealed.  Avoid smoking, provide ample ventilation.
19 Surface Dry 30 – 50 minutes
20 Tack Dry 70 – 80 minutes
21 Hard Dry 5 – 6 hours
22 Complete Curing 6-7 days, mild human traffic permissible after 24 hrs.




It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable