TREATING IT IS SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE AND NOT TIME CONSUMING- That is if the right person is doing it. If done correctly terrace waterproofing lasts for a Good 10-15 years, we have been experiencing it since the last 40 years.

There are two things to do terrace waterproofing perfectly-

  • The Right Skill and
  • the Right Product-

since you are here you can be relieved and assured that you will get the right material, we can guide you to the right person or if you bring him in to our partner stores/ dealers we can train your mason into doing waterproofing once and for all.

You see waterproofing is not like applying a paint, nor is it a painters job; For a good job your waterproofing treatment will be average priced, and for a permanent type treatment it may be more- if you are getting a lower quotation then it means the that the applicator is learning at your expense and you will have to re-do your waterproofing work in a year or two, because in waterproofing the skill lies in finding the problem.

For example you have  two leakage points in your ceiling, it is because water has entered the roof from some points. Treating just a few points on your roof is like putting a band aid on a wound (it is temporary) and will not solve you problem because then water will enter from another point and your ceiling will leak from a third point.

By experience we have found that almost always there are about 5- 8 problem points per 100 sq ft of terrace area; and these problems are not always obvious, here is why the skill level counts; and then eliminating these trouble points by a systematic approach using the right materials with an experienced temperament. A short methodology is below for a quick dip into the knowledge pool:-


WATERPROOFING is a one time activity, so with RAZON you will “DO IT ONCE; DO IT RIGHT”.

Details of the products at the bottom of page. See a few of our treatments to the following areas:-

Millions of sq ft Terraces for Industries, with heat reflective properties done using RAZON White Water Proofer

Best Terrace Waterproofing | Heat Reflective Coating | Treatment of Industrial roof | RAZON


Terrace Waterproofing of Factory | Industrial Shed Waterproofing | Razon

Garden Terrace Treatment open to sky, 25,000 sq ft along with its expansion Joints, done using RAZON Coal Tar Epoxy

Terrace Garden Waterproofing | Landscape Terrace waterproofing | RAZON

Open to Sky Water Tank of 2,00,00,000 (2 crore) litres which used to leak so profusely that it would drain out completely within 2 days ! After treatment there has been zero leakages, (which was considered impossible ), done using RAZON PWP-854. Terrace waterproofing done using RAZON PWP-854

Water tank waterproofing | Best Water Tank Leakage Treatement | RAZON


Terrace Waterproofing | Polymer Waterproofing | Best Waterproof Coating in India | RAZON

Countless Personal Bungalow’s and Row-Houses terrace and tank waterproofing done using RAZON PU414- Grey 

Bunglow Waterproofing | Best waterproofing of terrace | Best Waterproofing of Bunglow terrace | RAZON

So if you want to waterproof, your homes for-ever and save your self from repeated expenses, Call Us Today. We have the right Product and resources to keep water out of your house and retain the pleasures of monsoons.

Products for terrace waterproofing treatment:-

A] COATINGS which are used for construction of new structures as well as waterproofing of old structures:-

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Rubberised Instant Water Proofer (R.I.W.P) Ruberised Protective & Water-Proof coating to be coated directly on terrace slab, over which brickbat/screed can be done. Black colored coating. View TDS

PWP 854

Polymeric WP-854

Polymeric WP-854 is a high performance  elastomeric cementatious waterproofing material. It is used as a “water tank + terrace” membrane waterproofing product, which lasts upto 15 years with RF. White/ Grey colored View TDS
3.) White Water Proofer An excellent thermal reflective waterproof coating, which forms a tough, durable, abrasion resistant film sealing hairline cracks & forming uniformly impermeable barrier to water. Provides upto 4 Degree Celsius temperature relief. White colored.  View TDS
4.) Clear Water Proofer Clear Water Proofer is light Amber coloured, having transparent features on application. It is most suitable for application on stone masonry walls, archeological structures, to protect surface against acid rains. It forms an impermeable barrier. Clear coating. View TDS
5.) Coal Tar Epoxy CTE-110 Ideal high build terrace waterproofing material which is root resistant and ensures 10+ years performance. Requires no topcoat. Black Colored. View TDS
6) PU-414 2k Polyurethane based UV resistant aliphatic Polyurethane coating, which is elastic, flexible, abrasion resistant and hydrophobic, excellant bonding and crack bridging capabilities. Ideal for new and repairs of terrace waterproofing. Grey, Blue, Green, or White colored. View TDS
7) Clear Coat PU 2k Clear Polyurethane, UV resistant aliphatic Polyurethane coating, which is elastic, flexible, abrasion resistant and hydrophobic, excellant bonding and crack bridging capabilities. Ideal for applying waterproof coat on tiled terrace and balconies. Clear coating.  Contact us for Data Sheet

B] ADDITIVES which are used in construction of terraces of new structures as well as waterproofing of old structures:-

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Integral Waterproofer (I.W.P) Waterproofing additive which is added to river sand based mortars and concretes. By adding it a capillary free, waterproof and tough concrete/mortar is obtained. Ideal for top slab concrete, brickbat and waterproof screed. View TDS
2.) Super Integral Water Proofer (S.I.W.P) S.I.W.P is a low dosage additive used for casting waterproof concretes in crushed sand. Ideal for casting slabs of tanks, top terrace slab, PCC, Raft, and shear walls (“pardi”) of concrete.    View TDS
3.) I.W.P.- CS- 63  Screeds/ Brick bat waterproofing using 100% crushed sand is done with I.W.P-CS-63. No cracking in the mortar, no capillary formation, watertight screeds/ mortars/ brickbats which last for 30-35 years can be obtained using this additive in your screeds. View TDS
4.) PWP 854 SBR based waterproofing compound used in waterproofing of screeds and mortars. View TDS

C] SEALANTS which are used in construction of terraces of new structures as well as waterproofing of old structures:-

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1) ALL SEAL Crack sealant for filling all types of cracks in terraces and water tanks. Flexible, waterproof and UV resistant, for long life applications. View TDS
2)  Special Grouting System (SGS)  SGS is a factory prepared ready to use system developed for injection grouting to instantly stop dripping and leakages from terraces and water tanks. Injection grouting is done manually or mechanically.  View TDS
3)  PU-NJECT 65 This is a foaming type polyuretane injection material, for instantly sealing all leakages from terraces, balconies and water tanks. This requires mechanical equipment for injection grouting. CONTACT US FOR DATA SHEET



By filling up our enquiry form on our contact page you can EMAIL YOUR ENQUIRY NOW (mention “terrace waterproofing” in the subject and your address along with approximate terrace size in the message window). We make it a point to reply/contact you back within 24 hours.


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