RAZON SPRMC Concrete admixture

RAZON believes in innovative technological developments, for the Concrete producing industry. 

SPRMC is a range of superplasticizers for concrete; which enhances the workability at low water content concrete, and increases the rate of hydration of the cement, so as to obtain high strength concrete.

The low water-cement balance enhances the compressive strength, durability; reduces porosity and possibility of carbonation. Besides, the unique additives of SPRMC concrete superplasticizer is to further increases the rate of hydration of the cement grains by enriching the cement grains with moisture; increasing the rate of cement hydration; enhancing strength.

SPRMC can facilitate you to achieve high flow with workability retention for placement requiring low-to-no vibration. Thus the easy pumpable concrete uniformly compacts in the mould. It provides concrete with better consistency & durability. It improves and ensures high strength of concrete at all ages.

When RAZON SPRMC additive is used in concrete it is capable of generating:-

  • Hot weather concrete
  • Easy pumpability – lower pump pressure, for high rise structures.
  • Highly cohesive, non segregating concrete 
  • Low permeability,
  • Higher bond between concrete and reinforcement steel
  • Reduced shrinkage and creep
  • High durability
  • High strength concrete.

SPRMC may be used from a dosage of 0.2- 1.5 % by weight of binder.

SPRMC  meets the standards requirement of IS 9103:1999 /ASTM C494 type A,F&G.

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