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Super Crete BSF 230 is polyamide formulation comprising of factory prepared mortar, hardner and P.A. Thinner.


Its advantages are very high bond strength to substrate, very good abrasion resistance, tensile strength, very good impact resistance, and resistance to corrosion by mild acids and alkalies. Besides its good film thickness in a single coat provides a necessary and sufficient barrier for most stringent waterproofing treatments.


Super Crete BSF230 is found most useful for treating R.C.C. members under continuous cooling water in concast steel plants, or protection of bridge piers , repairs to aqueducts , tunnels , basements etc. Factory floorings in pharmaceutical industries, food & beverages manufacturing plants, sugar plants, chemical factories, electrical industries, for anti static properties, for –ve side treatment to multistoried basements, swimming pools, lift wells, concrete silos etc.


Super Crete BSF230 is also used extensively in ware houses , godowns for storage of corrosive chemicals like urea etc, to protect side walls, columns and beams, flooring from corrosive effects of chemicals.


Super Crete BSF230 is also used in coating ware house flooring, factory flooring, to impart anti skid features. In sugar factory boiler room, in sugar godown flooring to protect against ground water seepage. Interior – Exterior surfaces of cooling towers in thermal power stations, chemical plants, etc. Exterior, Interior coating of storage silos in chemical plants, fertilizer factories etc. Coating of Jetty, ports, piers, dockyards, dry docks, shipyards, submerged structures in sea water for protection against saline water corrosion protection against algae & bacterial fouling.


Instant repairs to highways, runways, factory floorings, etc. No curing required, 24 hours strength sufficient to take normal traffic. Coatings on sewerage treatment plants to resist bacterial fouling.



For coating on foundations , footings , structures , to arrest chemical corrosion due to saline environment corrosion etc to arrest further erosion/corrosion.


Surface preparation:


For R.C.C. & masonry surface, clean surface thoroughly using wire brush, remove all loose material, algae, fungus, oil, grease etc. Remove dust, laitance completely by washing and scrubbing. Allow the surface to dry completely.


For de-greasing surface, use soap water, rinse area with water & completely dry the surface. For metal surface, use our Metal Clean to degrease, de-rust, de-scale. Metal Clean will -provide phosphate film on the surface. Wash surface thoroughly & dry completely.



Empty out the hardner contents completely into the mortar. Mix thoroughly. Having mixed hardner


  • mortar well, Add P.A. Thinner to this. Mix thoroughly till homogenous pastel. Apply this slurry by brush, ensure uniform spread of material over the surface to be treated.


The mixing sequence is most vital. Mix hardner to mortar followed by PA thinner to hardner + Mortar mix.


Allow 12 to 24 hours for crosslinking. In case thicker coating is desired, apply subsequent layers whilst the first coat is still green. Super Crete BSF230 requires no external curing. Sets within 24


hours to allow normal human traffic, no shut-downs or down-time in continuous process industries. Full potential strength is developed within 7 days.


If used for waterproofing of sunk slabs, balconies, lift wells, basements etc –ve side of basements or swimming pools. Due to its high strength, high bond strength where both are higher than strength of concrete, besides high resistance to alkali and acids, the treatment will withstand for life time.


However this treatment is not recommended for terrace waterproofing.


Packing: 1 kg, 4 kg [precisely weighed combined mortar, hardner & thinner pack].


1 Consistency Mortar : Grey paste
Hardner : Amber liquid
P.A.Thinner : Black to grayish fluid.
2 Texture Dark grey rough texture after coating. Hardner, mortar and
P.A.Thinner provided in accurately measured quantities for
optimum results.
3 Application Temperature 170C–450C
4 Shelf life 1 year if stored in cool dry place in sealed container unmixed.
5 Pot life 1 hours after mixing.
6 Coverage 25 sq.ft. per 4 kgs pack
7 Over coating Over  coat;  more  than  2  build  up  coats  may  be  applied
depending  on  volume,  of  corrosion  /  erosion  protection
8 Dry Film Thickness 60 mils per coat
9 Percentage solids 40% minimum in the mixed phase.
10 Drying time 16 hours minimum for light human traffic
11 Application By brush.
12 Abrasion resistance Good
13 Bond strength Excellent > 1.5 MPa
14 Tensile Strenght Excellent > 3 MPa
15 Impact Resistance Excellent. Ideal for basement waterproofing.
16 Hydrophobicity, Chemical Excellent,  Good  chemical  resistance  to  mild  acids  and
Resistance alkalies.
17 Mixing proportion Mortar,  hardner  &  thinner  are  provided  in  accurately
measured quantities.
18 Relevant Test Procedures. ASTM D 4060, ASTM D 4541, ASTM D 638



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