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Steel Coat 555 is a lab tested, anti corrosive single component system designed specially for protecting structural steels against oxidation and mild acidic attacks by forming a resistant passivating film on the surface.


Steel Coat 555 is ideal:


  1. As a protective coat on structural steels in coastal areas.


  1. For repairs and arresting corrosion of exposed steel in residential/ commercial buildings


  1. As a protective coating on reinforcement steel used in buildings and foundations.


  1. For quick rehabilitation of bridges and steel superstructures including arches, trusses, suspension cables etc in highly humid/ saline areas


  1. As a protective coating that can be done at the stage of construction/ rehabilitation at site; for steel reinforcement used in buildings, fly overs, bridges, piers, precast, etc


Steel Coat 555 is easy to use, quick to apply, and gives long term protection to steel. Its alkaline characteristics increase the service life of the steel.


Steel coat 555 is made from a blend of polymers which impart excellent adhesion to steel, good elastic properties and improves the adhesion of the concrete to the coated steel. Due to the presence of elastic polymers, the coating does not fracture during the pouring of concrete in case of reinforcements. Also the bond between the concrete and coated steel is improved.


Steel coat 555 is especially used in coastal regions where high humidity coupled with salinity and heavy ground water pressure causes drastic effects on embedded steels. It protects the steel from these salts attacks for applications such as flyover and bridge foundations, steel superstructures, arches, trusses and so on.


Method of Use:-


If the steel to be treated has developed rust; use Metal Protect to de-rust completely for good bonding.


If there is grease or oil on the steel, de-grease with MDG 150.


Take 1 ltr of Steel Coat 555 and 1-1.5 kg ordinary portland cement in a container. Mix thoroughly so that a smooth consistency slurry is obtained. Use a clean painting brush and apply this slurry on the steel. Check for any visible discontinuities in the coat, and cover these discontinuities. Give this coating 6-12 hours to dry. After 24 hours the steel may be put into service


Packing: Available in 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 20 ltr, 50 ltr and 200 ltr packing


1 Colour Milky
2 Specific Gravity 1.05-1.15
3 Packing 1,5, 20, 50, 200ltr cans
4 Storage/life 6 months when stored away from sunlight in a
sealed container.
5 Toxicity, Corrosion Nil, Person handling must wear suitable PPE like
goggles, gloves etc.
6 Chlorides Nil


It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable