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SPRMC APC 1000 F is a highly technological development, for the Ready Mix Concrete industry. Based on modified end polycarboxylates, SPRMC APC 1000 F is an Accelerator-Hyper plasticizer; which enhances the workability at extremely low water content concrete, and increases the rate of hydration of the cement, so as to obtain a much rapid increase in strength.


With the help of modified polycorboxylates, a very low water cement ratio is required to make flowing concrete. With optimal use of SPRMC APC self compacting concrete can be designed for pours having highly congested reinforcements or intricate shapes and designs.


The low water-cement balance enhances the compressive strength, durability; reduces porosities and possibility of carbonation. Besides, the unique technology of SPRMC APC 1000 F is to further increases the rate of hydration of the cement grains by enriching the cement grains with moisture; increasing the rate of cement hydration; enhancing earlier strength.


SPRMC APC 1000 F provides flowing/ self compacting concrete with workability retention for placement and low vibration, if necessary. The highly fluid concrete uniformly compacts in the mould, providing a consistent, durable concrete structure.


Properties of concrete with SPRMC APC 1000 F :-


  • High workability of concrete at low water cement ratios


  • Highly cohesive, non segregating concrete at low water cement ratio


  • Self Compacting Concrete, requiring no vibration.


  • Easy pumpability for high rise structures.


  • Low permeability,


  • Higher resistance to carbonation


  • Higher bond between concrete and reinforcements


  • Reduced shrinkage and creep


  • High durability


  • Higher Early strength


  • Higher Ultimate strenght.


Method of use:-


Dry mix the aggregates and binder, add about 80- 85% water. Add SPRMC APC 1000 F to this mix, and add balance water. Do not add SPRMC APC 1000 F to dry aggregates. The concrete must be allowed to mix on account of sufficient & necessary dispersions in low water mixes.


A test mix must be conducted to observe workability and strength characteristics.


SPRMC APC 1000 F may be used from a dosage of 0.7- 2 % by weight of binder.


SPRMC APC 1000 F meets the standards requirement of IS 9103:1999 /ASTM C494 type A, E &F.


1 Colour Reddish liquid
2 Consistency Easy flowing liquid
3 Specific gravity Approx 1.16 +/- 5%
4 pH 3-6
5 Chloride < 1%
6 Cement SPRMC  APC  is  compatible  with  OPC,  PPC,  GGBS
Compatibility Cement, Fly Ash and Fumed silica mixes.



Use Shutter Coat 17000 for extremely clean release & demoulding

We recommend use of CCC 102 curing compound for most effective curing of elements.


Use P A Mortar TH-4 epoxy for high compressive / flexural strength applications.

RAZON Strextra FSX 09 developed for concrete pavement repairs- M-40 in 24 hours.

Use Strextra R 20 for high bond strength to steel- anchoring/ grouting applications.


Coatings: Rubberised Instant Waterproof Coating · White Water Proofer ·


Polyurethane Coating  – GHF 111 · Triple Layer Polyurethane Waterproof/


Thermal Coating  · Primer Coat PU SG 104 · Top Coat PU ALK – 104 ·


Silver Coat PU 104 · Clear PU Lacquer (gloss) · Clear PU Lacquer (matt) ·


Coal Tar Epoxy CTE – 110 · Coal Tar Epoxy EP-10 · Epoxy Coating EC-111 ·


Admixture: SPRMC 808 S11 B · Super Plasticizer –IWSP (M) – 101 · Super


Plasticizer –IWSP (N) – 103 · Accelerator –2080 · Integral Water Proofer ·


IWSP –102 · I.W.P. Powder · Intrair (A.E.A) 120N · Master Plaster MP CS 101 ·


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Floor Hardner · Hycrete RJ – 608 · Brick Master · Super Paver · Pipe Master ·


Toughcrete P109 · Gunniting Admixture GS-942 · Non Shrink Grout Admixture NSG A-11


It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable