RAZON Shutter Coat range of products include:-

  • Water base shuttering oil (emulsion)
  • Oil base shuttering Oils 
  • Resin based shuttering oils (4-5 rotations after single application of oil).

The main advantages of RAZON Shutter Coat are:-

  1. Shutter Coat provides easy release and no degradation of ply or alu-form due to sticky concrete. Prevents concrete from sticking to the forms.
  2. Provides fair colored, smooth release of concrete
  3. Ergonomic, non foul smelling, and easy to use.
  4. Very large coverage, economy of use. 
  5. Protection of ply from algae and bacterial fouling.
  6. Increase life of shuttering material by 2-3 fold.
  7. Neutral pH, protects the aluminum/ metallic / plyword formwork from corrosion and deterioration; and also it does not affect or interfere with the concrete reaction as well.
  8. Subsequent coatings augment earlier coating, hence ensures smooth release of shuttering form from concrete as the formwork ages.  
  9. Enhances surface finish, makes the ply-wood surface smooth, hence increasing UV radiation reflection. 
  10. Reduces friction between flowing concrete and aluform/ ply surfaces, hence eliminating honey combing. Gives smooth concrete finish. 
  11. Does not adhere to concrete surface after de-shuttering. Hence does not interfere with plastering. Thus reduces plastering cost.

For all these reasons RAZON Shutter coat is preferred over other shutter oils. Its ergonomic, qualitative and spread-ability performance have won clients world over.

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