Products for Repairs & Maintenance

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Instaset-2000 On mixing with water has Instant setting properties, hardening within few minutes.  View TDS
2.) Strextra R-40 Self curing Ready to use mortar for instant repairs to concrete, filling pits, removing honey-combes in concrete, etc. View TDS


Instant road repair mortar.

Ready to use instant bituminous road repair mortar, Ideal for repairing roads without any heating of bitumen. View TDS‚Äč
4.) P.A.Mortar TH-4 Self curing, very high strength Epoxy for rapid Concrete Repairs, Maintenance & Grouting. View TDS
5.) Floor Repair Mortar For Rapid repairs of flooring surfaces. View TDS
6.) P.A.Mortar TH-4 A.F Self curing Epoxy specifically for rapid repairs to airport runways, aircraft hangers, expressways, concrete roads, etc. View TDS
7.) RZ Polymer ED Mortar Brush able consistency elastic mortar for filling cracks, forming impermeable barrier on internal and external surfaces and filling gaps. View TDS
8.) SuperCrete BSF-230 Has very high bond strength to substrate, very good abrasion resistance, tensile
strength, very good impact resistance, and resistance to corrosion by mild acids and alkalies.
View TDS

PWP 854

Polymeric WP-854

Polymeric WP-854 is a high performance  elastomeric cementatious waterproofing material. It is used for membrane waterproofing applications as well as an additive for multi-purpose waterproofing applications.  View TDS
10.) Coal Tar Epoxy CTE-110 Coal Tar Epoxy based protective coating. View TDS
11.) VTNB L28 IN Clear Glossy solvent based surface sealer & lacquer View TDS
12.) All Seal Multi Purpose Sealant having non sag, rapid grip, fast setting, high bond, elastic,
flexible, water resistant, weather & ageing reisitant properties. It requires no external curing and is impermeable to water.
View TDS
13.) Bath Fix Ideal for preventing and stopping Bathroom & Balcony leakages. A do-it-yourself kit for water-proofing. View TDS
14.) Super Tile Cleaner To clean tiles of cement strains, grout stains and other construction related stains after tile laying operation is over. View TDS
15.) Rapid Grout RG-117 RG-117 ensures uniform colloidal solution by electro-chemical forces & guarantees uniformity of grouting. Ideal for grouting concrete structures. View TDS
16.) Integral Water Proofer (Powder) Highly hydrophobic characteristics of IWP are designed to increase the impermeability coefficient of concrete or cement mortar. View TDS
17.) White Water Proofer An excellent coating, which forms a tough, durable, abrasion
resistant film sealing hairline cracks & forming uniformly impermeable barrier to
View TDS
18.) Clear Water Proofer Clear Water Proofer is light Amber coloured, having transparent features on application. It is most suitable for application on stone masonry walls, archeological structures, to protect surface against acid rains. It forms an im View TDS


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