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RZ-ED Polymer Mortar comprises of RZ-Polymer 1 Ltr. and ED-Mortar 3 kgs. This is one combination set.




Empty out 3 kgs of ED-Mortar in ghamella or 5 ltr container; mix it thoroughly in dry state. Add 1½ liters of water to ED-Mortar. Empty out the contents of RZ-Polymer and mix it thoroughly with ED-Mortar. Remove all `knots’ in the mortar till it is of uniform consistency. It should be of uniform brushable consistency free of `knots’ before it is used.


Before applying the RZ-ED Polymer Mortar scrub the surface that is to receive this mortar with wire brush to remove all algae and fungus, all loose material, so that the coating is on firm material. Apply second coat after 1-2 hours. Cure the treated surface for 3 – 4 days with water. Apply more than 2 layers of RZ-ED Polymer Mortar if required.


RZ-ED Polymer Mortar is a unique mortar for treating difficult to treat surface. It can be used over internal and external surfaces of reservoirs, tanks, basements, tunnels, swimming pools, terraces, in heavy rainfall regions, for sealing gaps between inclined corrugated sheets and vertical walls, for treating external walls showing separation between beams and masonry, for wooden window sills & masonry. RZ-ED Polymer Mortar is found most useful for treating cracks on sloping roofs, for treating pointing in UCR masonry walls, treating cracks in external walls, in very heavy rainfall region. RZ-ED Polymer Mortar forms a firm impermeable elastic mortar capable of withstanding thermal effects without giving away.


RZ-ED Polymer Mortar can be merely brush applied after thorough cleaning of the surface. It requires no special skill, and can be used by ordinary un-skilled labor.


RZ-ED Polymer Mortar is available with neoprene fibers for critical applications.




RZ Polymer ED Mortar is available in a combo pack consisting of 3 kgs ED Mortar and 1 Ltr RZ Polymer.



1. Colour/ Part (1) RZ Polymer, Grayish viscous, and 1 ltr paste.   Part
Consistency (2) ED-Mortar Whitish Powder, 3 kgs.
2. Specific Gravity Paste 1.6 Powder 2.9
3. Shelf Life 6 months
4. Pot Life Use within 40-60 mins after mixing.
5. Storage Store in cool dry place.
6. Packing Set comprises of 1 Ltr RZ-Polymer. 3 kgs ED-Mortar.
7. Method of use Add 1 ltr RZ Polymer to 1 1/2 water. Mix thoroughly. Add
ED Mortar, mix well, use medium speed stirrer, or in absence
of  stirrer,  press  all  knots,  mix  with  hand  to  bring  entire
material to uniform semi paste-liquid consistency.
8. Application To seal cracks in walls, chajjas, terrace parapet walls, etc.




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