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Rubberised Sealer 104 & Rubberised Primer.


Rubberised Sealer 104 is a single component, low sag, thixotropic, medium curing, high elasticity material for sealing gaps and joints and cracks upto 2” without fracturing and easily absorbing distortions for all tropical climates.




  • Vertical and Horizontal Expansion joints upto 2” width


  • Sealing Cracks between 5mm – 50 mm in concrete to prevent the ingress of moisture


  • Pavement groove sealant upto 2” width


  • Industrial floor sealant, not affected by oils and mild acids


  • Sealing all types of joints between asbestos/cement fibre corrugated sheets and U/J bolt holes.


  • Sealing cracks in asbestos /cement fibre sheets and gutters



  • Highly Elastic


  • Single Component, easy to use


  • Non Sagging


  • Medium Cure rate


  • Maintains its properties even upto 600CTemperatures


  • Built for tropical climates


  • Long Life


  • High Flexibility


  • Good bonding to regular construction materials.


Surface Pre-Treatment & Method Of Application


Groove/ Joint must be cleaned thoroughly with suitable means to be free from oils/ dust/ or any organic growth. MDG 150 de-greaser may be used to remove traces of oily nature or organic growth. Compressed air may be used to remove dust.


Coat the receiving surface (both faces of the groove) with Rubberised Primer. Provide atleast 30 minutes after coating the primer. Paste masking tape on both sides of the area which is going to receive the sealant.


For Expansion Joint/ Pavement Grooves, place a packer rod in the groove depending upon desired thickness of sealant. Depth of Sealant is generally about 1”. With an


application knife, mix the contents of Rubberised Sealer 104. Pick up a quantity of Rubberised Sealer 104 from the container and place into the groove, gently pushing it inside and towards the side faces of the grooves for a dense fill. Fill the entire length of the joint in this way.


Rubberised Sealer 104 takes about 72 hours to 7 days for initial cure, depending upon the climatic conditions. It is perfectly normal. In intial cure the sealant is highly thixotropic. Once intial cured, the sealant’s matrix becomes like a rubber rod, which is elastic and firm. It maintains a complete dense elastic seal in tropical conditions for temperatures upto 520C.


Packing 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 4 kg, 20 kg packing


Coverage of Rubberised Sealant 104
Width of groove/ crack Depth of groove/crack
5mm 10mm 25 mm
5mm 44 M 22 M 9 M
10mm 18 M 9 M 3.5 M
25 mm 7 M 3.5 M 1.5 M
Coverage of Rubberised Primer
Coating of width 1 “ 35 running feet per kg
Technical Data
Sr. Aspect Data
1. Appearance Black Rubberised Sealant
2. Consistency Thixotropic paste
3. Density 1.8 approx
4. Elasticity After initial Cure Rubberised Sealant 104
exhibits elongation of 30% before fracture
5. Resistance to UV rays Excellant
6. Thermal Stability Can withstand temperatures upto 600C
without losing its properties.
7. Adhesion to materials such as Excellent. Rubberised primer must be used
concrete, glass, aluminium, for good bonding.
wood, ceramic, asbestos.
8. Shelf Life 3 months if stored in cold dry place away
from sunlight in tightly sealed containers.
9. Diluent Mineral Spirits, Turpentine.



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  • Best Plaster Putty


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