Razon is the best manufacturer of shuttering Oil based from Pune supplying across the India & to the World, The product has been engineered and has been supplied to the Construction Industry as a golden clear, medium viscosity product with superior coverage and clean release. 

Have you thought- aboutREEBOL shuttering oil

“What are the parameters in selecting an shuttering oils” ?

Read ahead:-

  • Viscosity- effect on coverage and film thickness of oil-

As you all know, coverage is inversely proportional to (film) thickness, thus a thicker oil will provide lower coverage and vice versa. However keep in mind that if the viscosity is very low, you have compromised on the film thickness -so the possibility of concrete sticking will be higher.

Another aspect of viscosity is such:- Imaging what happen once the concrete is poured in the mould, the oil will definitely stick to the concrete (because concrete is active and has bonding property). Now if there is a thicker film of oil on the concrete wont you have bonding problems to your plaster/ gypsum ? 

so viscosity selection is very important. Next,

  • Clarity:- An oil which is darker colored will definitely color your concrete, and the darker the oil the darker the color of concrete. You will think this is un-important, however understand that your concrete is colored by a dark pigment  (carbon) and the effect of carbon on concrete is detrimental, due to its valency and pH. 


  • pH:- Concrete is highly alkaline material & it has a pH of 13. Any changes in the pH of concrete can severly affect the hydration reaction. As you are aware that used motor oils or engine oils are  mildly acid, which will hamper the surface concrete hydration reaction. These oils should be a big “no-no”. shuttering oils with neutral pH should always be preferred.


  • Presence of diesel or lower fractions of petroleum products:-

These lower fractions are usually of a lower density, more volatile, flammable and non-ergonomic. Their presence can be evaluated by a smell either solvent-like or diesel like. These vapours are not good for our respiratory system, nor good for the formwork- they destruct the bonds of the protective lamination (on plywood) or lacquer film (on aluminum forms). Thus you will find that the lamination is being washed out or the lacquer starts bonding to the concrete within the first few cycles. Your oil should ideally have very little to no smell of such petroleum products to be defined as a suitable shuttering oil.   

  • washable yet not washed away:

The shuttering oil should be designed keeping in mind the steps of construction activities. We follow the following routine for slab concrete (in brief):

 “placing of shutters – tying of steel – concealed wiring – jet water cleaning – concrete pour – de-shuttering – curing.

In this topic we are concerned with two actions:- jet water cleaning & curing. 

Both these activities are important; and are affected buy the quality of the shuttering oil; meaning – we require a shuttering oil which can withstand jet water cleaning, otherwise the entire shuttering oil will get washed away and the efforts will be futile. Now after concrete pouring and setting the shuttering oil sticks to the surface of the concrete, which makes the de-shuttering clean.

Concurrently only the RAZON shuttering oil is designed in such a way that during the curing cycle of 7-10 days, while the concrete is being cured with water the shuttering oil de-bonds from the concrete and is washed away. Now since there is no oily film on the RCC surface, the bonding between the plaster/ gypsum to this concrete is very good.

So these above points factor the quality of shuttering oil you use; and while you must use it, why not use a good product, which will save your plaster costs- because while plaster / gypsum we end up paying more on bonding agent / dry cement for bonding to an oily surface. Why not use a better shuttering oil and save on those hidden costs. 

RAZON Manufactures a well engineered Shuttering oil in Oil base as well as water base. 

The product provided by RAZON ensure a fair faced concrete, large coverage with very clean release & no concrete sticking to the formwork, and most importantly formwork protection.

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