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Razon Master Plaster MPCS – 102 is a highly efficient plaster admixture.

Crush sand / m-sand is commonly used for concreting & brick masonry but never used for plastering. However it is economical and available in abundance.

Adding Master Plaster MP CS – 102, 300-500 ml per bag of cement, crushed sand /m-sand can be easily used for plastering. It exhibits excellent finish. It can be used on light weight block masonry, red brick masonry, fly ash blocks masonry, concrete block masonry or RCC surfaces. Addition of Razon Master Plaster MP CS – 102 ensures that sufficient moisture is available for cement hydration, for initial period of 12 hours immediately after plastering hence permitting complete and sound hydration of cement mortar, leading to firm, tough, adherent and waterproof plaster. Hence no shrinkage cracks are seen after initial 24 hours, which generally appear due to very rapid moisture loss.

Dosage of 300 ml to 500 ml of our Master Plaster MP CS – 102 in plaster mortar ensures following advantages:

1. Improved anchoring properties.

2. Throw back or rebound material is reduced, hence improved economy & greater mason output.

3. The plaster is waterproof.

4. Early setting, after open time, hence sufficient strength developed to counter stress leading to crack formation in the initial critical period of 24 hours.

5. Manual mixing ensures optimum advantage, mechanical mixing not required.

6. Not necessary to use dry cement in plastering, hence reduce plastering cost.

7. The plaster mortar exhibits good workability, hence higher mason output is observed.

8. Useful for ceiling plaster. Mix Master Plaster MP CS – 102 in cement slurry which is applied on ceiling to be plastered. Reduces throw back & reduces dry cement consumption, increase mason output, ensures high bond strength between plaster and base material matrix surface & good quality workmanship.

9. Hygroscopic component in Master Plaster MP CS – 102 retains moisture in plaster mortar ensuring complete hydration and hence ensures highest strength and highest toughness in plaster.

Master Plaster MPCS 102 may be used in masonry mortar which improves the cohesion of the mortar, and eliminates the need to re-fluidize the mortar with water

Method of Use: Mix cement and sand as usual. Add Master Plaster MP CS – 102 to the gauging water and add this to the dry mortar. Mix thoroughly. Use this mortar as usual. Use Master Plaster MP CS – 102 for external plaster, internal plaster, ceiling plaster. Do not add Master Plaster MP CS 102 to sanla/lime plaster.