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Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer is rubberised formulation of brushable consistency black in colour. It is most economical coating.



1]           For waterproofing of asbestos cement sheets, A.C. gutters, for asbestos cement


water    tanks, basements, swimming pool etc. any water retaining structure.


2]           For metal, Ferro Crete water tanks, concrete tanks, being anti-algae it is most suited for water proofing of water tanks.


3]           Water proofing of water tanks, terrace, chajjas, parapet walls, sunken slabs etc.


Before treating surface with Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer clean the surface thoroughly, remove all previous coating; preferably scrub the surface with wire brush and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. This procedure ensures surface that is to receive the coating is firm, and dust free.


Apply one coat of Clear Water Proofer. Ensure surface is totally dry, free of dust, grease, Oil, loose particles when applying Clear Water Proofer. Allow 8 hours for curing. Treatment with Clear Water Proofer is optional.


Seal all cracks and crevices with Rubberized Sealer, fill crevices and cracks with Rubberised Sealer, scrap off excess material around the cracks and over the surface. Allow 24 hours curing. If shrinkage is observed, apply Rubberised Sealer and level with surrounding surface. Either apply Rubberised Sealer by hard or use spatula for best results.


On totally clean dust free surface apply first coat of Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer. Allow 8 hours curing. Apply second coat. If the first coat is along the breadth, the second coat should preferably be along the length. Cross coating ensures best results.


Use 5% thinner-1 for dilution. Use kerosene, mineral turpentine for cleaning brushes and hands.


Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer may be applied on damp surface. However it should not be water logged. On surfaces exhibiting deep penetration of water within the surface blowtorch may be used to dry the surface initially for best results.


Coverage 40-50 sq.ft per litre, depending on type of surface. Second coat always offers greater coverage.


1] Store the material in cool, dry place.

2] Stir the contents well before use.

3] Keep the product well sealed after use.

4] Allow copious ventilation when coating and avoid smoking.


Packing: ½ kg, 1 kg, 4 kg, 20 kg containers.


1 Adhesions to cement mortar, metal, cement Excellent
Sheets,   wood,   glass,   concrete,   other
Construction materials.
2 Resistance to UV radiation Good
3 Resistance to water head Up to 8 Meter of water head
4 Film thickness 40-50 mils.
5 Coverage 40-50  sq.  ft./coat  on  reasonably  smooth
6 Abrasion resistance Poor
7 Absorption coefficient U, V, 0.68
8 Absorption coefficient U, V, coated with 0.25
silver coat
9 Elasticity 5° to 55° Celsius Excellent
10 Resistance  to  algae  &  fungus  growth Good
11 Life under tropical climatic conditions 5 year & more if Silver Coat treatment is
12 Life under arid climatic conditions 3 years max. Life increased to 5 years if
coated with Silver Coat
13 Life under heavy rainfall areas 3 years max if enhanced life is desired 3
coats   may  be   done   during  treatment.
Treatment  must  be  over  completely  dry
surface.  Silver  Coat  essential  if  ambient
temperature up to
35°- 48° Celsius.
14 Acid resistance N.A.
15 Alkali resistance N.A.
16 Solvent Thinner –1, or mineral turpentine, ordinary
paint thinner
17 Test Report Available I.S. 3085-1965.




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