Sr. No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Joint Seal G Polysulfide sealant for treating expansion joints View TDS
2.) PU SEAL-2077 PU Seal 2077  is ideally suited for bonding dissimilar materials. Used extensively by automobile and construction industry. View TDS
3.) Rubberised Sealer-104 & Rubberised Primer Rubberised Sealer 104 is a single component, low sag, thixotropic, high elasticity material for sealing gaps, joints and cracks. View TDS
4.) Silicone Sealant-467 Single component, easy to use, neutral cure silicone sealant. Once cured it forms a permanent durable and elastic seal. View TDS
5.) DTMXP Cold (fluid) Bitumenous Expansion Joint Sealer View TDS
6.) All Seal Multi Purpose Sealant having non sag, rapid grip, fast setting, high bond, elastic,
flexible, water resistant, weather & ageing reisitant properties. 
It requires no external curing and is impermeable to water.
View TDS