Masonry and Plaster Aids

Sr. No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) LMW-6 LWM-6 is a ready to use, non shrinking, high bonding, self curing, high strength, early strength gaining, easy workability & workability retaining masonry adhesive. Ideal for AAC & Concrete block masonry as adhesive or jointing mortar. View TDS
2.) Master Mortar MM 101B Specifically designed for Machan/Bedding Mortars before laying tiles. Retains workability of mortars without the necessity of re-tempering with water. Ensuring a dense, cohesive, durable, high strength cement-sand matrix. View TDS
3.) Hack Safe AL-111 Hack safe AL-111 is a Hacking aid. It also provides high grip and anchorage to the plaster mortar. View TDS
4.) Master Plaster MPCS 101 Internal Plaster Admixture (Compatible for River Sand and Crushed sand plastering) View TDS
5.) Master Plaster MPCS 102 Internal & External Plaster Admixture (Compatible for River Sand and Crushed stone sand plastering) View TDS
6.) Hack Safe C-5 Bonding aid to bond cement-sand plaster, wall putty, POP, Gypsum, or ready to use plaster mortars to unhacked, mirror smooth concrete surfaces. View TDS
7.) Ready Plaster & Putty Ready to use plaster & putty for internal and external plastering. View TDS
8.)  T.G. 135 Added in cement slurry for laying tiles above bedding mortar which improves bonding and eliminates hollow sound in tiles. Used alongwith Razon MM-101B for preventing hollow sound from tiles. View TDS
9.) MPSC 707

Integral curing  Additive for Internal & External Plasters, Masonry Mortar & Other cementatious mortars. MPSC-707 is compatible with  crushed stone sand, m-sand, etc.

Cementatious Mortars prepared using Razon MPSC-707 do not require water curing.

View TDS

Additive & enhancers for Floor tile Bedding Mortar (Machan) in M-Sand or Crushed stone Sand & Cement Slurry

1.) Razon Master Mortar MM 101B & TG 135 MM-101B is Liquid Additive for floor bedding – Machan in Crushed Stone Sand or Manufactured sand, enhancing leveling time upto 6 hours along with workability and strength of cementatious mortars.

TG-135 is Powder Additive for Cementatious Slurry used in laying tiles for superior bonding & strength between bedding mortar (machan) and tiles.

View TDS

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