Products for Grouting Application

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) P.A.Mortar TH-4 Excellent Epoxy based grouting mortar View TDS
2.) Special Grouting System SGS-44 Multi-Purpose grouting system View TDS
3.) ADMGP-1, SPG-1A, Accelerator 2025, RJC -3000 Dam injection grouting admixtures for Dam repairs and maintenance. View TDS
4.) Tile Joint Sealer Non-Shrink, strong bonding, polymeric tile grout. Also available in Epoxy base View TDS
5.) Rapid Grout RG-117 RG-117 ensures uniform colloidal solution by electro-chemical forces & guarantees uniformity of grouting. Ideal for grouting concrete structures. View TDS
6.) Strextra R-20 Self curing ready to use cementatious grout for fixing foundation/anchor bolts, filling pits on concrete surfaces, where high bond, compressive & flexural strength within low period of time is deisred. View TDS
7.) Strextra R-40 Self curing ready to use Concrete repair mortar.  View TDS
8.) Razon MP-Cement RAZON MP- CEMENT is a Magnesium Phosphate Cement. Magnesium Phosphate concrete
developed as Shrinkage compensated, Fast setting & High Early strength with Flowable consistency. It is Rapid Hardening, Self-curing (no curing concrete) and is chloride free.
It can achieve M-40 grade strength within 4 hours.
View TDS