Tiling Solutions – Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts

RAZON has been a manufacturer of best quality tile adhesives and grouts, since the last 3 decades. These adhesives and grouts have been are manufactured using high performance polymers along with binder materials and performance additions to provide  functionality along with durability and economy.

It has been these parameters that have attributed to the success of RAZON tile adhesives since they have been used at large Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Auditoriums, Multinationals’ IT office blocks, Residential societies, and Prestigious Governement Officies.

The range of adhesives provided by RAZON include products for applications like tile-on-tile installation; fixing ceramic and vitrified tiles on walls, installations of natural stones like marble/ granites and kota stones on vertical faces and internal / external faces of structures. 

RAZON TILE FIX products are designed by RAZON to generate a very strong bond to the subtrate. The cementitious products provide a bond strength of 3 MPa to the substrate, while the resinous tile adhesives and flexible resin adhesives can provide a bond strength of upto 11 MPa for tiles and stones. 

We have observed that house owners & contractors alike have preferred RAZON products because once you get accustomed to RAZON’s quality it is difficult to get it anywhere else. 

Sr. No Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Tile Fix #1 Tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles on walls, “tile on tile” & for tiling on ‘dados’. Specifically designed for providing high bond strength View TDS
2.) Tile Fix SP-1 White colored- High tack tile adhesive which provides very high anchorage & bond strength. Ideal for white Marble, Glass mosiac tiles in swimming pool tiling, bathroom/toilet tiling &  Applications. View TDS
3.) Tile Fix #1A Tile adhesive for fixing glazed glass tiles, slabs of marble, granites, 8′ x 4′ vitrified tiles etc. Can be used for installing tiles at a height ex in malls & Lobbies. Specifically designed for providing very high bond strength. View TDS
4.) Tile Fix EPB A resinous polyamide formulation tile adhesive. Tile Fix EPB is used for vitreous tiles, ceramic tiles, most natural stones, porous tiles, most of natural stones cladding. View TDS
5.) Tile Joint Sealer Non-shrinking formulation which provides excellent bonding for sealing tile-joints or tile-sandhas. Available in standard shades as per request. View TDS
6.) Tile Joint Sealer EPB A two compound thixotropic resinous formulation tile grout with glossy characteristics. Ideal for exposed balcony, bathrooms, terrace, lobby etc., for exceptional durability. View TDS
7.) Super Tile Cleaner To clean tiles of cement strains, grout stains and other construction related stains after tile laying operation is over. View TDS
8.) T.G. 135

Added in cement slurry for laying tiles above bedding mortar.

TG 135 improves bonding between tile & bedding mortar and eliminates hollow sound in tiles. Used alongwith Razon MM-101B for preventing hollow sound from tiles.

View TDS

Additive & enhancers for Floor tile Bedding Mortar (Machan) in M-Sand or Crushed stone Sand & Cement Slurry

1.) Razon Master Mortar MM 101B & TG 135

MM-101B is Liquid Additive for floor bedding – Machan in Crushed Stone Sand or Manufactured sand, enhancing leveling time upto 6 hours along with workability and strength of cementatious mortars.

TG-135 is Powder Additive for Cementatious Slurry used in laying tiles for superior bonding & strength between bedding mortar (machan) and tiles.

View TDS

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