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Paint Remover R-128 is specially formulated to remove the most stubborn paint from metal wood, concrete, glass etc surfaces.


Whilst removing paint it is vital that the Paint Remover acts merely in paint removal without detrimental effect on substrate. Paint Remover R-128 will not effect the sustrate adversely in any manner.


For best results mix 1 part Paint Remover PR-128 to 2 or 3 parts water, using a brush or mop apply Paint Remover PR-128 over the entire surface. Allow 15-30 minutes for reaction to proceed. Scrub surface with wire brush, till paint is completely removed or stripped. For some paints such as Zinc Oxide based paints, polyurethane or epoxy paint generally aforesaid procedure is repeated 2-3 times till the surface is completely stripped of the existing paint.


Wash the surface completely thoroughly with water. The surface is now ready to receive new coat of primer or paint.


Whilst using our Paint Remover PR-128 protect eyes. In case of eye contact wash with curious water and seek immediate medical attention. PR – 128 is harmless formulation, however skin contact may cause skin irritation in some cases due to allergy.


Packing Paint Remover PR – 128 is available in 5 Lt., 35 Lt., 50 Lt. carboys.







1. Colour White
2. Specific Gravity 1.01
3. pH 5 – 6
4. Method of Use Mix PR – 128 1 Lt., to 3 or 2 Lt. of water. Brush apply.
Allow 15 – 30 minutes reaction time, thereafter scrub
surface with wire brush for complete stripping.
5. Precaution Eye and Skin contact: Wash with copious water and seek
immediate  medical  attention  in  case  of  skin  and  eye
6. Application For stripping Enamel Paint, Cement Paint, Epoxy Paint,
Polyurethane Paint, Zinc Oxide based paint etc.