RAZON Strextra R20 is  non shrink grout used for most civil repairs and grouting applications. It is an precision grout, capable of withstanding structural loads (repairs) and jacketing applications.

It is a high strength product, capable of achieving M75 grade strength at 28 days. It achieves more than 5N/mm2 flexural strength, and a bond strength of more than 1.5 N/mm2 at 28 days which is superior.

It is a suitable for base plates grouting of columns, and heavy machinery. It is highly flowable, without bleed or segregation, and can flow through sections as small as 8mm. Besides it also consists of a shrinkage compensating system. These makes it the ideal precision grout for industrial civil projects.

Due to its stability under static and dynamic loading it is suitable for grouting the joints between precast panels. This attribute makes it the preferred structural grout for pile foundations. 

Strextra R20 is gp2 type general purpose grout. It is granular in nature, and has a max particle size of 2.75 mm, making it ideal for casting of up to 100mm depths at a time. Besides for many applications, it can be extended with 10mm aggregates if permitted by the client/designer. Extending with aggregates does not have adverse effect on the product performance. Refer to data sheet for further details.

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