RAZON MICROCRETE :- The most effective microconcrete 

Razon provides the most effective microconcrete for repairs of concrete structures where conventional concretes cannot be poured or used, for example applications like strengthening columns-jacketing, repairs in concrete slabs etc.

RAZON microcrete is a high performance high strength, non- shrink product developed for ease in placing and high early strength characteristics.

RAZON Microcrete gains approx 20-25 MPa within 24 hours and a final strength of M-70 on 28 days, provides a flexural strength of 7 Mpa & a tensile strength of approx 2.5 Mpa on 28 days.

It has provided exceptional performance and durability for very rigorous applications like factory floor repairs and structural member repairs over the last decade. It is the go-to choice for many structural engineers & preferred choice by contractors for its performance and cost efficacy.

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