Products for Concrete Repairs & Maintenance

Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Instaset-2000 On mixing with water has Instant setting properties, hardening within few minutes. Ideal for plugging leakages. View TDS
2.) Strextra R-40 Self curing Ready to use mortar for instant repairs to concrete, filling pits, removing honey-combes in concrete, etc. View TDS


Instant road repair mortar.

Ready to use instant bituminous road repair mortar, Ideal for repairing roads without any heating of bitumen. View TDS‚Äč
4.) P.A.Mortar TH-4 Self curing, very high strength Epoxy for rapid Concrete Repairs, Maintenance & Grouting. View TDS
5.) Floor Repair Mortar For Rapid repairs of flooring surfaces. View TDS
6.) P.A.Mortar TH-4 A.F Self curing Epoxy specifically for rapid repairs to airport runways, aircraft hangers, expressways, concrete roads, etc. View TDS
7.) Non-Shrink Grout Admixture NSG A-11 Prevents concrete/cement from shrinking on setting. View TDS
8.) Razon MP-Cement RAZON MP- CEMENT is a Magnesium Phosphate Cement. Magnesium Phosphate concrete
developed as Shrinkage compensated, Fast setting & High Early strength with Flowable consistency. It is Rapid Hardening, Self-curing (no curing concrete) and is chloride free.
It can achieve M-40 grade strength within 4 hours.
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9.) Micro Crete BSF 419 LC Razon Microcrete BSF 419 LC is cementatious, non- shrink general purpose micro-concrete
developed specially for concrete repair works in structures. It is a free
flowing, non shrink high strength micro-concrete.
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