Razon Metal Clean

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Metal Clean is formulated to clean metallic surface of scales, formed on the surface during manufacturing stage and rust formed on the surface during storage. Metal clean not only de rusts, de-greases but also passaivates ferrous surfaces

Any metallic surface, prior to coating of protective paint must be free of scales and rust. Since rust and scale are flaky in nature, it is likely that rust and scale flakes could detach and expose further the metallic surface to corrosion, defeating the purpose of paint protection.

Metal Clean is meant for removing scales and rust on iron surface for reinforcement bars in RCC members for de rusting and protection against corrosion due to saline environment or adverse ground water effects, for coating of iron surface with suitable protective coating. It could be done before iron members are used for fabrication, on after fabrication or on primer-coated surface exhibiting localized protection failures, which need to be rehabilitated or rejuvenated by further protective coating

Method of use: Wire brush scrub the surface, scrub surface, with steel wool , or wire brush, sand blast if necessary. Apply Metal clean on the affected areas. For densely rusted surface use Metal Clean directly. Apply one coat of Metal Clean on the surface, wait for 10-15 minutes. Apply second coat if necessary. Allow Metal Clean to dry completely over the surface, Rinse the surface thoroughly with apply of water. The surface is now cleaned, de-rusted & passivated against corrosion and protected.

Clean the dry surface thoroughly with dry mop, surface is now passivated and ready to receive protective coating or paint. The passivated iron surface shows high resistance to rusting on exposure to environs. This passivated surface has also high bonding to paint.

Metal Clean degreases, de rusts and passivates the iron surface treated by forming a phosphate film on the surface. This impermeable film on the iron surface shown better and lasting bond to coating and paints, commonly used for iron surface coating.

Caution: Metal Clean has pH <7, viscosity B-4 Ford cup – 13 seconds. Care should be taken when used. Eyes should be protected, of should be applied under properly ventilated conditions. Avoid tobacco mixing on palm when using Metal Clean.Use ordinary paint brush to coat over the iron surface to be treated, 200 sq ft of iron can be treated with one litre of Metal Clean.

Packing: Metal Clean is available in 1,5,20,35,50 Ltr, packings.

NOTE: In case of Metal Clean getting into eyes, rinse eyes with abundant quantity of clean water, seek medical attention immediately.


1 Colour Clear Greenish
2 Specific Gravity 1.03
3 pH 6- approx
4 Dosage Use directy on severely rusted & oily surface.
5 Toxicity Material has pH 5- Protect skin if necessary by
using hand gloves if necessary.
6 Precaution i) Avoid smoking or mixing tobacco in hand
whilst using Metal Clean.
ii)  Allow ½ – 1 hour for Metal Clean to
react with metal after application.
iii)  Rinse with water thoroughy to remove
traces of un-reacted Metal Clean from the
surface of the metal surface.
7 Packing 1  Lt, 5 Lt, 20 ltr 35 lt, 50 lt, 200 lt, packing.

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