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Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is two part polysulfide sealant comprising of liquid Polysulfide rubber. The product will be found conforming to following International Standards i.e. B.S.4254- 1983, Din, ASTM TT-S-00222230C 1970.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is manufactured out of Thiokol which is registered trade mark of THIOKAL-USA. It is widely recommended & used all over the world in building/construction industry.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is used in sealing expansion joints & joints between glass aluminum, steel cladding, glazing, tiling tanks, internal & external water retaining structure


It is used for sealing expansion joints on concrete, roads, roofs, runways, bridges, aqueduct etc.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G have excellent weathering characteristics’ when exposed to rain, snow, heat, ultra violet radiation. It has fast curing & exhibits very low shrinkages. It is also sealant to oils, solvents etc.


It has excellent adhesion characteristics & withstands joint movement due to thermal coefficients of similar and dissimilar material.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is supplied in 2 pack system comprising of Base & Curing Agent which are supplied in accurately measured quantity in ready to use packs. Base & Curing Agent are to be mixed thoroughly. After mixing the setting commences & Jointseal-G sealant sets into semi flexible-rubber consistency.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G can be used to seal joints of 5mm to 50mm width. For best result the width/depth ratio of 2 or more, yields best result. For metallic surface minimum joints depth may be 5mm. Whereas for porous surface 10mm & for high traffic joints 20mm is recommended for better holding.




All joints surface must be thoroughly cleaned, dried, free of loose dust, laitance, oil, grease rust, scale, etc, prior to coating. Wire brush & scrub thoroughly the surface which is to receive Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G


Apply polyseal primer on surface which is to bond with Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G. Allow primer to dry completely.


Use back up material to prevent Jointseal-G sealant from sticking to the joint bottom. Use back up material that is foamed polyethylene strip or neoprene sponge, masking tape etc. Keeping width/depth ratio 2 (Minimum). Polyseal Sealant may be used to seal joint.


Masking tape may be used on both sides of joint edges for preventing excess material adhering to Joint edges. Masking tape must be removed immediately after joint sealing. Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is 2 pack systems comprising of Base & Curing Agent. It is supplied in accurately factory pre-weighed containers.


For smaller packs hand mix thoroughly ensuring complete mixing of Base & Curing Agent till


uniform light gray paste consistency is obtained.


For large mixes electric mixer with “X” paddles, with 300 r.p.m or lower is recommended.


Use stainless steel spatula to apply Jointseal-G, press firmly ensuring no air entrapment.


Use kerosene or thinner, or turpentine to clean tools, Provide ample ventilation when using Polyseal Primer & Jointseal-G. Avoid smoking or naked flames in vicinity




Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-G is gun grade material which must be mixed thoroughly prior to loading into caulking gun cartridge. Gun grade material is recommended for vertical, horizontal or slanting joints for industrial or external application. It can also be applied by Spatula.


Polysulfide Sealant Joint Seal-NG is a 2 part systems comprising of Base & Curing Agent. It is used for Sealing Doors/Windows, Frame joints, glass & frames, asbestos sheet joints, crack repairs tiling joints, paving slabs. It is never used for expansion joints either external or internal.



Base Paste Consistency
Curing Agent Paste Consistency
Shelf Life 6 month if stored in cool dry place
Pot Life 2 hours
Sp gravity of mix 1.6
Application temps 5oC to 45oC
Service temp -45oC to 80oC
Characteristic Temp 5oC 15oC 25oC 35oC
Temp V/s Setting Time 72 hrs 36 hrs 18 hrs 8 hrs
Setting Curing Time 8 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks 8 days
& Curing
Packing Accurately weighed containers of Base & Curing
Agent in 1 kg and 3 kg packing.
Specifications BS 4254-1983,DIN-18540,ASTMTTS 00230C-1970
Polyseal Primer 200ml, ltr, 4ltr packing.


It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable