Integral Water Proofer is dark brown liquid which enhances

  • concrete workability
  • reduces honeycombing (“bhungir” in concrete)
  • Improves bonding between concrete and steel,
  • prevents ingress of moisture & eliminates rusting of embedded steel
  • eliminates cracking in concrete
  • improves quality of concrete tremendously.
  • improves strength of concrete at all ages.
  • Ideal for casting concrete slab of bunglows, buildings in colonies, terrace slab and terrace waterproofing, water tanks, swimming pool waterproofing and slabs, bathroom wateproofing, basement pardi etc . 
  • Adding RAZON Integral Waterproofer to the waterproof mortar and “ghotai” does not allow crack formation, and makes it waterproof.
  • The concrete/ mortar made with RAZON Integral Waterproofer will not exhibit leakage and will  be waterproof.

How it works:- RAZON Integral Water Proofer ensures firstly-water reduction, secondly- it consists of pore blocking waterproof polymers & thirdly it maintains moisture retention in the surface region untill the cement has set hard, hence suppressing crack formation. Due to absence of cracks and inter connected voids, the concrete treated with Integral Water Proofer will exhibit higher impermeability to water and hence will be completely waterproof.

Integral Water Proofer is like Dr fixit Lw+ it can be used for casting all kinds of concrete. It can be used for beams, columns, slabs, swimming pools, basements, aqueducts, storage bunkers. 

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