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A cementatious gel upon hydration develops gel capillaries and gel voids which reduce the impermeability coefficient, which renders the concrete or cement mortar susceptible to seepage in the presence of water.


Integral Water Proofer # 1 is an ideal cement admixture principally designed to increase the impermeability coefficient of concrete or cement mortar. Integral Water Proofer upon mixing with concrete or cement mortar due to its highly hydrophobic characteristics enhances impermeability in hydraulic structures.


Integral Water Proofer # 1is devoid of sulphates and chlorides and does not have any deleterious effect on cement, steel, concrete, or cement mortar.


Due to its special characteristics, use of Integral Water Proofer # 1 enhances cohesiveness of cement mortar or concrete. It also enhances workability and is found to increase the ultimate strength.


Integral Water Proofer # 1 is used in concrete, terrace concrete, sunk slab concrete, basement concrete, brick bat coba, internal and external plaster, repair or make up plaster etc.


Add cement and coarse and fine aggregates as usual. Along with aggregates add 1 kg Integral Water Proofer # 1. Mix for half a minute and add water as usual.


1 Colour White
2 Consistency Powder.
3 Specific Gravity 1.20
4 Shelf Life Upto 10 years.
5 Toxicity Nil.
6 Dosage 1 kg to 3 kg max
7 Test report Confirms to IS 2645-1975
8 Cement compatibility OPC & PPC
9 Packing 1kg and 25 kg packs
10 Chlorates and Sulphates Nil


It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable