Unleash Efficiency AND Quality  in floor tiling with Razon’s Master Mortar MM101B and Tile Gripper TG135

If you are facing Hollow sound in tiles, and would like to eliminate tile hollowness during installation, read on. With this problem as base we have developed the scientific approach to prevent hollowness in tiles. Welcome to Razon’s world of innovative construction chemicals, where precision meets performance and excellence is the standard.

 If you’re tired of dealing with hollow or drummy sounds from your tiles and striving for zero-defect tiling results, then look no further. Razon’s Master Mortar MM101B and Tile Gripper TG135 are here to revolutionize your flooring endeavors. Let’s explore how these chemical additives can transform your tiling experience and ensure impeccable results every time.

RAZON MM 101B | Bedding mortar prepared with Razon MM101B

Master Mortar MM101B: Elevate Your Bedding Mortar Quality

At the heart of every successful flooring project lies the quality of its bedding mortar mix. The additive Master Mortar MM101B is engineered to deliver unmatched consistency and performance, ensuring that your mortar is homogenously blended for flawless results.

Superior Performance:
The MM101B is designed with enhanced workability times and robust strength buildup, even at proportions of 1:8 to 1:12. It is designed to withstand the variations in quality of the sand under any construction environment. Its extended working times allows for 6 hours of placement even in the summer heat and such extended levelling times without the need of retempering with water, giving you complete control over the water/cement ratio.

Whether you’re working with natural sand, washed sand or manufactured sand, Razon MM101B delivers consistent results every time. Its dosage is designed for good dispersion over large mixes of upto 2-4 bag cement at a time.

Say goodbye to sag in the bedding mortar and hello to precision quality zero defect  mortars. The MM101B accelerates your strength gain even at lower cement mixes  upto 1:12, allowing you to complete projects faster without sacrificing quality. With this bedding additive mortar in your arsenal, you’ll maximize quality and minimize rework.

Tile Gripper TG135: Secure Your Tiles with Confidence

Hollow or drummy sounds from tiles can be a frustrating and unsightly issue, but with the RAZON Tile Gripper TG135, you can bid farewell to this common problem.

When it comes to cement-slurry bonded tile installation, non-shrink and adhesion are paramount. The Tile Gripper TG135 provides unparalleled grip and stability, ensuring that your tiles are securely held for zero hollowness post installation.

RAZON TG 135 | Cement slurry prepared with RAZON TG 135

Unrivaled Stability:
Featuring precision-engineered chemicals a stable colloid of cement-water slurry is obtained. The Razon TG135 enhances the colloid quality providing a homogenous mix over the entire flooring area.

Effortless Operation:
With exceptional cement slurry stability and rheology, the TG135 allows for quick and zero defect tile placing, eliminating the frustration of slippage and misalignment. Its non-shrink constituents ensures a void free adhesion to the substrate thereby eliminating hollowness completely at the job site.

Eliminates rework:
Rest assured knowing that your tiles are firmly secured in place, allowing you to work with confidence and peace of mind. The TG135 prioritizes “zero defect, zero hollowness” without large escalations on cost, making it the ideal choice for professional craftsmen, contractors, realty developers and home owners alike.

Experience the Razon Advantage Today

Ready to take your flooring projects to the next level? Discover the power of precision and efficiency with Razon’s Master Mortar MM101B and Tile Gripper TG135. Backed by years of research and development, our products are trusted by professionals worldwide for their unmatched quality and reliability.

Don’t settle for subpar results – invest in the best with Razon’s precision additives. Order now and experience the Razon advantage for yourself. Your flooring projects deserve nothing less than perfection, and with Razon’s products by your side, you’ll achieve greatness every step of the way.

Order Now and Transform Your Flooring Projects with Razon

Unlock the potential of your flooring projects with Razon’s Master Mortar MM101B and Tile Gripper TG135. Order now and experience the difference that precision and performance can make. With Razon’s products in your arsenal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


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