RAZON SPRMC Concrete admixture

RAZON believes in innovative technological developments, for the Concrete producing industry. 


With improving speed in construction & focus on enhanced durability of concrete structures, we are witnessing higher production of SCC & High Performance Concrete, the two pillars of modern construction technologies. While SCC is taking the advantage of highly flowable concrete, Ultra-HPC caters to durability of concrete and an aim of achieving the designed life of 100 years, reducing or eliminating reinforcing steel bars, reducing section dimensions, efforts to eliminate maintenance. For example of how UHPC caters to durability is as follows:-

A bridge in USA had been designed and erected in the 1980’s with a foresight of withstanding 9,000 vehicles per day load, which was huge at the time of construction. over the decades- from 80’s to 2000 to 2015 the growth has been exponential, and vehicular (man & material) movement has grown in a similar trend. Recently the bridge was inspected & load bearing capacity was re-evaluated and it was observed that today the bridge is withstanding a load of nearly 60,000 vehicles per day. This is the performance characteristics of Ultra High Performance Concrete.

Of course a lot of design considerations do go into producing a structure with such performance, but this is what engineering is all about !

RAZON’s role in UHPC is providing the right chemistry to the concrete, so as to check all the boxes which include

  • Compression Strength more than 120 MPa 
  • Flexural Strength  more than 15 MPa
  • Tensile strenght of 10 MPa

Besides this, the durability of characteristicas are retaining 100% properties after 300 Freeze/Thaw cycles; Salt-scaling (loss of residue): < 60 g/m2; High abrasion resistance- Abrasion (relative volume loss index): 1.7 ; extremely low chloride permeability (approx less than 20 % of normal concrete); very low Oxygen permeability: < 10-20 m2, and Carbonation Depth of <0.5mm.

Design and preparation of such concrete requires good experience and raw material to support. The basic ingredients are 

  • Portland cement
  • Silica Fume
  • Silica Sand
  • Powdered Quartz
  • RAZON SPRMC PC -961 a High-range water reducer with performance enhancers.
  • Fibers (steel preferred)
  • Water   

You see the materials of the concrete are not so much different, and so the emphasis on the concrete admixture. Thus SPRMC PC 961 is a concrete admixture capable of delivering SCC (Self compacting concrete a.k.a self consolidating concrete) to delivery a very dense and high strength concrete capable of withstanding the above parameters.

The low water-cement balance enhances the compressive strength, durability; reduces permeability and possibility of carbonation. Besides, the unique additives of SPRMC concrete superplasticizer is to further increases the rate of hydration of the cement grains by enriching the cement grains with moisture; increasing the rate of cement hydration; enhancing earlier strength.

SPRMC PC 961 can facilitate Self Compacting Concrete & and High Performance Concrete. 

SPRMC may be used from a dosage of 0.4- 1.5 % by weight of binder.

SPRMC PC-961 meets the standards requirement of IS 9103:1999 /ASTM C494 type A,F&G.

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