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M.S.Torsional steel bars and cold rolled M S products used extensively in construction exhibit excellent physical properties and prove considerable economical. However the rubbing


And cold working induce internal stresses, due to which these member are prone to accelerated deterioration in corrosive environment or exhibit low resistance level to Corrosive medium. Hence it becomes imperative to treat these member with protective film to extend its life and protect from corrosion environment, which could be either saline environment encountered in coastal areas, Industrial chemical corrosion.


Coating must exhibit tough, flexible, highly adherent, resistance to alkaline & acidic environs and provide excellent protection.


Green Chromo Oxide Epoxy Coating is specifically developed for this type of application It provide hard, tough highly adherent, flexible film, resistance & stable under wide pH range encountered in industrial effluents, chemical plants, saline environment etc.


The metal surface to be treated must be cleared thoroughly to remove all dust, grease, scale, rust etc. from surface. It is achieved by shot blasting, or cleaning with Razon Metal Protect which can be carried out in restricted areas.


The surface to be cleared is scrubbed with wire brush, steel wool ball. Metal protect is mixed with water in ratio 1:3 to 1:5 depending upon the severity of cleaning required. Metal Protect is uniformly spread on metal surface and allowed to react for 15-20 minutes. The surface is rinsed & scrubbed with wire brush or steel wool ball. Through rinsing is must. Clean metallic sheen surface should be visible, for very oily & highly corroded surface it may be necessary to repeat above scrubbing with Metal Protect & rinsing to obtain clean metallic sheen surface free of rusts, scale, grease & dust.


Allow 1-2 hours for surface to dry thoroughly. Mix Green Chrome Oxide Epoxy resin & hardner thoroughly, use upto 10% Epoxy thinner and brush apply or spray coat the clean metallic surface uniformly ensuring every part is thoroughly coated. Spray coating will yield thinner film coating whereas brush coating will yield thicker coating. Allow 24 hours for setting. Apply second coat after 24 hours Epoxy Coating generally hardener over period of 4-7 days depending upon ambient temperature.


The coating will pass all stipulations under IS 13620-1993 viz

1 Continuity Passes
2 Coating Thickness 0.1 mm to 0.30 mm
3 Chemical Resistance Passes
4 [Resistance to applied voltage]
[Accelerator corrosion on test] Passes
5 Adhesion to coating test Passes
6 Bond strength to concrete Passes



7 Adhesion Resistance Test Passes
8 Impact test Passes
9 Hardness Test Passes
1 Principle ingredients Green Chrome Oxide & Epoxy
2 Colour Green
3 Viscosity 3000cps
4 Packing ltr, 5 ltr, 20 ltr, Resin + Hardner
5 Coverage 78-85 sq ft per ltr
6 Pot Life 45 minute to 1 hours after mixing
7 Method of Application Brush or Spray
8 Precaution i)   Add upto 10% thinner to Resin + Hardner mixture
ii)  Allow 24 hrs interval before second coat.
iii) Use the product within 45 minutes –1 hrs once resin
and hardner is mixed.
iv)  Allow abundant ventitation when treating with
Metal Protect & applying Epoxy
Avoid: smoking, when using Metal Protect & Green
Chrome Oxide Epoxy.
9 Surface Preparation For Concrete: Shot blasting or scrubbing with
Razon – XRG.
For Metallic Surface: Sand blasting or wire brush
cleaning with Razon Metal Clean.
For Wood, glass etc: Wire brush scrubbing or sand
paper scrubbing.
10 IS Specification For metals to IS 13620-1993.




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