Epoxy Resin, along with its hardner can be procured from RAZON Engg Co P Ltd, who is manufacturer of epoxy epoxy resin and hardner materials.

  • The resin available with us is of both viscous as well as low viscosity grades, these make them versatile in use for :-
    • Industrial applications
    • Civil or construction applications
    • hobby use or house hold applications
    • or any other application that you have in mind.
  • And because of the various types of hardner systems, the setting rate and physical properties can be altered for various applications like:-
    • Coatings,
    • Mortars and screeds,
    • Adhesives, sealants,
    • Protective encapsulations etc can be achieved,

RAZONs epoxy resins are supplied in Pune in easy to use packing of 5 kg, 20 kg, 35 kg 50 kg and 200 kg pack sizes.

RAZONs Epoxy hardners are also supplied in easy to use, similar pack sizes.

  • Grades available of epoxy are as follows:-
    • Solventless high viscosity grade 100% epoxy
    • Solventless very low viscosity grade 100% epoxy
    • Solvent based epoxy having low viscosity with 40% solids
    • Solvent based epoxy having low viscosity with 60% solids
  • Applications of RAZONs Epoxy Resins and hardner are unlimited; the applications include:-
    • Epoxy coatings,
    • Epoxy table top clear coats,
    • Epoxy sealants,
    • Epoxy potting compounds,
    • Epoxy Grouts and injections,
    • Epoxy Flooring, Screeds, top coats mortars etc.
    • Protective coating on steel,
    • Fiber glass preparation and much more.

RAZONs vast knowledge and experience in this line has provided leadership position in helping clients develop custom made products for variety of industries and applications.

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