RAZON is an all in one stop for Epoxy, serving various applications like:-

  • Epoxy Resins & hardners,
  • Epoxy liquid
  • Industrial Epoxy Adhesives,
  • Structural Epoxy adhesives,
  • Epoxy Coatings & Epoxy paint
  • Epoxy Glue,
  • Epoxy table and epoxy resin table
  • Epoxy Floor & Epoxy floor Paint & epoxy floor coating.
  • Epoxy Flooring, epoxy primer & epoxy mortar
  • Epoxy Tile adhesives & epoxy grout,
  • Non shrink epoxy grout & Epoxy mortars
  • High strength epoxy mortars and epoxy putty

Epoxy is an organic compound, liquid in nature, consisting of chains of carbon-oxygen-hydrogen & nitrogen which form specific groups known as “epoxide” groups. For a epoxy to “set & harden” the chain must contain atleast two epoxide groups, and the curing reaction constitutes of the crosslinking of these epoxide groups into a matrix by a catalyst & sometimes temperature.

The setting and ‘hardening’ (also known as curing) of an epoxy is accompanied with heat evolution, and gellification. Heat influences all chemical reactions, and in the case of epoxy, it speeds the rate of reaction. 

After an epoxy is fully cured- which could be between hours to a few days depending upon the catalyst, temperatures etc a RAZON epoxy’s have phenomenal properties including:-

  • Non shrink
  • Rapid curing 
  • Toughness & Hardness,
  • Very High Strength
  • Very High bond 
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • High Gloss & Reflectivity
  • Sand-ability & machin-ability.  
  • Low Maintainence 

These properties make RAZON Epoxy the preferred choice for many applications. Besides the liquid epoxy provides an additional advantage of casting & potting into various intricate shapes & designs as well as protective applications, with a short pour-to-use time.

RAZON Epoxy is now being used much more than it ever was, with new applications discovered by the user, and its consistency ensures accurate results. It has become the go-to glue for many Industries, Projects, and hobbyists alike. 

You could start test RAZON’s epoxy by purchasing it online from amazon or flipkart, or ordering it directly from us through our Contact page