RAZON VTNB-L41 is a unique coating which removes tough efflorescence stains, without the need the scrubbing or scraping. 

Besides removing efflorescence, RAZON VTNB L-41 also provides the following advantages:-

  • It seals the paver / concrete
  • It provides a wet look to the paver / concrete
  • It enriches the color of the concrete / paver
  • It reduces the ingress of water in the paver/ sealer
  • It prevents further surfacing of efflorescence salts.
  • It makes the concrete look new and bright.

Besides the main task of removing efflorescence is not at all tedious- there is no scrubbing, no hard washing, no wasting water and labour.

It is as simple as just apply by brush- and allow it to dry and the efflorescence will completely vanish.

Look at the image below, how a thick layer of efflorescence completely vanishes after application of RAZON VTNB L-41. It is a one time application which maintains newness for a long time. 


 Method of use: Cast paver/ concrete or any other product as usual. Cure product as usual. After complete drying, coat VTNB L-41 by brush or spray or any other appropriate method, ensure even and smooth application for best results. VTNB L-41 must be applied on a dust free surface for blemish free clear coat. For natural stones, clean the surface well, remove any dust or discolouration by appropriate means. Apply one coat of VTNB L-41 on this surface by brush or spray or any other appropriate method. After 90 minutes apply second coat if desired. Allow 24 hours for curing, where no water must be allowed to fall on the surface.

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