RAZON innovative additives ADM GP-1, SPG 1A & ACC 2025 are used in the cementitious grouting, these additives improved the efficacy of the grout multi fold.
It has succesfully brought down leakages from 2500 litres per second to less than 80 litres per second, that too at 1/3 the cost ! See the effect of treatment by injection below:-
Treatment by injection into the dam body using RAZON Admixtures in the grout. Before and After.

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 Injection grouting using RAZON additives namely SPG 1A, ACC 2025 & ADM GP-1 has the following improvements on the grout performance.
1) Higher penetration at lower water content of the grout
2) Stable colloid, even under higher pressures
3) Higher strengths at all ages
4) better bonding under water, even to organic surfaces
5) Low underwater washout, faster back pressure
6) Most importantly, no secondary voids due to settlement and shrinkage
RAZON additives have been for dam waterproofing to control seepage’s used at numerous dams and projects worldwide, where leakages have been eliminated. Besides since it does not swell many times its volume, and is based on cementatious materials it is safe for tunnels & other structures like masonry dams and basements.