Construction Chemicals have gained importance in our construction activities, because of its ability to infuse speed, quality, aesthetics and economy into construction. 

For example- We need to make stronger roads or we want to change tiles in our house, or we need to stop leakages in hour houses, or we need to repair old bridges etc.

For all these applications the civil engineers rely on construction chemicals, like admixtures for improving strength of roads, or using tile adhesive for fixing tiles, waterproof coatings for homes, and repair dry pack mortars for bridges 

So in one way or another at our homes, Construction Chemicals have been used and the construction Industry is depending upon such chemicals for building durable structures. It could be any application involving cement- like building airports, or dams, factories or homes and city roads.

RAZON has been a reputed construction chemical company in India serving the construction industry since more than 4 decades, pioneering in technologies for many construction activities and taking the industry towards more green technologies. The work done by Chairman Mr S.R.Chherawalla has been commendable, and he has been successful developing products for not only the private sector, but also prestigious government agencies.

Today, the brand “RAZON” is synonymous to ‘the most trusted construction chemical manufacturer in India’. Further RAZON construction chemicals boasts of a large product base, manufactured from two plants, each product being technologically strong- practically proved and economically supportive, and this has been the secret of RAZON’s success story. 

Our scope of products consist of:-



Concrete Repair Products

Concrete Curing Compounds


Masonry & Plaster Aids

Release Oils/De-shuttering Agents


Tiling Solutions

Water-Proofing Systems

Iron De-sulphuriser

Other Product Categories



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