RAZON is a largest Manufacturer of Construction Chemicals based in Pune, and products used for producing concrete and concrete protection are used world wide.

RAZON VTNB L-41 concrete sealers for the civil industry to protect the concrete & improve its aesthetics, at the same time maintaining breath-ability of the concrete. The concrete treated with our sealers posses the following properties:-

  • Prevents water ingress into the concrete
  • Allows concrete to breathe
  • Improves abrasion resistance of concrete
  • Toughens and hardens the concrete, reduces surface flaking & spalling.
  • Provides a wet look to the concrete
  • Improves the tone and enriches the color of the concrete
  • Does not impart gloss, but brightens the concrete
  • The efflorescense marking on the surface simply vanish.
  • Penetrating type, provides long term effect.

Many a times the concrete tends to weaken, and we see de-skinning of the concrete. This de-skinning if not arrested immediately,  will lead to spalling of the concrete. Though VTNB L-41 is meant for sealing concrete from water ingress, if you require that the concrete be toughened or if you see that your concrete is flaking, and if you want to prevent the cost of major repairs of concrete, you could use “RAZON FLOOR RE-SURFACER” liquid, as a concrete sealer, which will stop the deterioration of the concrete, improve its toughness & abrasion resistance ten-fold. RAZON FLOOR RE-SURFACER is a heavy duty industrial concrete sealer, which will save you from major repair costs. The floor-resurfacer is used at city concrete pavements & industrial floors to improve the life of the pavement.  It is oil and abrasion resistant.

VTNB L-41 is the most popular product for well designed-poured and cured concretes. You can see the aesthetic difference below:-

Concrete Sealer | Paver Sealer | Penetrating concrete Sealer | Efflorescence concealer

Method of use is simple, clean the concrete surface to be sealed, use a mechanical brush if the concrete is old followed by a blower to remove dust. for new concrete just remove dust by using a blower. Do not wet the concrete surface. Now apply one liberal coat of VTNB L-41 on the concrete by spray or brush (roller not recommended).Allow it to seep into the concrete surface. If required apply the second coat immediately on the concrete. THATS IT !

Your concrete is perfectly sealed and protected.

You can view the Data Sheet here, where you can view other products used in producing such concretes.

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