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Two pack, cold curing, air drying epoxy form Important features of Coal Tar Epoxy: –

  • It is resistant to saline water, saline environment & mild chemicals.
  • Has moderate flexibility.
  • Good resistance to thermal shocks, hot & cold water.
  • It is of brush-able consistency, can be easily applied by skilled or unskilled painter.


  • Gives high build film in single coat & multiple coats may be applied for additional film thickness, depending on type of protection desired & environment.


  • Can be coated on M.S.surface, on concrete, wood, stone masonry, A.C. sheets, etc.


Applications: –


  • Since CTE has good resistance to mild acids organic & inorganic acid alkali solutions it finds special application as lining materials in water treatment plants effluent treatment plants, sewerage treatment plant etc.


  • For protection against acid fume corrosion in pickling plants, chemical plants etc.


  • Coating on Internal/External plaster in warehouses storing urea & other corrosion chemicals. Urea prill tower in fertilizer plants.


  • Coating on steel structures/ rebars; footings to protect structures against sub soil water.


  • For protection against saline water corrosion in coastal region.


  • Underwater structures, Oilrigs, platforms, all kinds of crest gates, sluice gates, penstocks etc.


  • Bridge pier aqueducts, marine structures of RCC or metal structures.


  • Seaports, jetties, hydel or thermal power projects, off shore installations, Dry docks, shipyards, bridges.


  • The corrosion resistance feature makes product invaluable for use in chemical plants, fertilizer units, sugar factories etc.


Method of use :


Mix resin & hardener, which are provided in accurately, weighted proportion in separate containers. Mix thoroughly using circular motion to avoid air entrapment & ensure thorough mixing. Allow the mix to mature within 25-30 minutes, & apply by brush. Use 10-15% thinner CTE-Thinner for smooth brush movement. Allow 8-12 hours before applying subsequent coat.


Surface preparation:

For metal surface


Clean metal surface thoroughly by sand blasting to ensure the surface is free of grease, rust, loose & flaky material. On dry clean, dust free surface apply primer coat & coat Coal Tar Epoxy as recommended above. Alternatively scrub surface thoroughly with wire brush to remove dust, scales, rust etc. Our Metal Clean may be used to remove all grease, loose rust flakes etc. Clean surface thoroughly & Coat Coal Tar Epoxy.


For Concrete Surface


Clean mud, sand, plastering before coating Coal Tar Epoxy. Wire brush scrubbing to remove all loose material, algae-fungus if any. Dust to remove loose dust before coating with Coal Tar Epoxy. If surface is covered with oil, Wash surface with mild acid followed by thorough washing & drying prior to treatment with Coal Tar Epoxy.


Packing: Factory prepared 2 pack systems in 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 25 Ltr [combined resin & hardener]


1 Colour Black.
2 Mixing ratio Empty out entire hardener contents into the Coal
Tar Epoxy container.
3 Pot time of mixing 3 to 6 hours depend on ambient temperatures,
lower pot life at higher temperature & higher pot
life at low temperature.
4 Method & Application By brush
5 Diluents CTE-Thinner, 10%-15% by volume
6 Shelf life 6-12mts. Unmixed constituents to be stored in
cool dry place.
7 Textures Smooth semi gloss coating.
8 Over coat Apply subsequent coating within 24 hours.
9 Coverage capacity 5-6 sq.mtrs. per litre.
10 Film thickness 90-120 microns per film/coating or less if thinner
is used.
11 Adhesion to concrete, metal, Excellent.
wood, stone, other construction
12 Resistance to water head 50 meters.
13 Abrasion resistance Good, Emery grits silicon carbide grits can be
provided for anti skill floor coating.
14 Resistance & Algae & fungus Good.
fouling, bacterial fouling under
15 Acid alkali resistance Excellent. Resistant to acid & alkaline chemicals.
16 Solvent Thinner – 2, N.C Thinner, Xylene up to 5 – 10%
17 Test Report Available, I.S.



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