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Clear Water Proofer is light Amber coloured, having transparent features on application. It is most suitable for application on stone masonry walls, archeological structures, to protect surface against acid rains. It forms an impermeable barrier. It is also recommended as primer coat for Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer and White-Water-Proofer since it ensures high bond features.



For best results, scrub the surface well with wire brush to remove all algae, fungus, and loose materials from the surface. Clean surface with cloth to remove all dust. It is imperative that surface is oil & grease free, free of dust & loose particles. Immediately coat with Clear Water Proofer. If Clear Water Proofer is intended to be applied as final treatment, two coats are recommended at 8-10 hours interval. Cross coating yields best results. Ensure surface is thoroughly dry when Clear Water Proofer is being applied.


Clear Water Proofer for archeological monuments:


In case of crevices if the crevices are small, run brush vertically over the crevices so that liberal quantity of Clear Water Proofer penetrates into the crevices, seals & plugs the crevices. For large crevices, it is imperative to seal the crevices before applying final Waterproof Coating. Use our Instaset-600 to fill the cracks. Cure for 3/4 days. Allow 3-4 days for drying. On thoroughly dry clean surface apply Clear Water Proofer.


Clear water Proofer as primer to Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer


On profusely leaking terrace, where Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer is intended to be used as water proofing treatment on R.C.C., it is recommended that Clear Water Proofer be applied as primer coat.


Clean surface thoroughly, apply one coat of Clear Water Proofer, and allow 8/12 hours curing. Seal all cracks with Joint Sealer, allow 8/12 hours for curing, Apply two coats of Rubberised-Instant-Water-Proofer., Apply one coat Silver coat.


Clear Water Proofer as primer to White-Water-Proofer


Clean surface thoroughly , Apply one coat Clear Water Proofer, allow 8/12 hours curing. Seal all cracks with Crack Seal. Allow 8/12 hours curing. Apply two coats White-Water-Proofer.


Ensure ample ventilation when Clear Water Proofer is being applied. Do not allow smoking. Keep container covered when Clear Water Proofer is being applied. Use Thinner-2 or N.C. Thinner for dilution & brush cleaning.


Packing: ½ Ltr, 1 Ltr, 4 Ltr, 20 Ltr packs.


1 Adhesion to cement mortar, Asbestos Excellent
Cement sheet, metal glass all building
2 Resistance to U.V. radiation Excellent
3 Resistance to water head Good
4 Film thickness 35 – 40 mils
5 Coverage 70-80 sq.ft/ ltr./ Coat
6 Abrasion resistance Fair
7 Elasticity – 5° to 55° Celsius Excellent
8 Resistance to Algae & Fungus Good, can be improved if treated with repellent .
9 Life under tropical climatic 3 – 5 years
10 Life under arid climatic conditions 3 –5 year max
11 Life under heavy rainfall areas 3 –5 year
12 Acid resistance, Alkaline resistance Resistant to mild acids & alkalis
13 Best Uses: For external wall coating, particularly for stone masonry,
archeological structures, etc. for waterproofing and
protection against external elements etc.
14 Constituent 40-50 % Solids
15 Thinner/ solvent Thinner-2, Xylene N.C. thinner
16 Test Results Available I.S. 3085 – 1965







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