PU CLEAR COAT is a 2 component crystal clear, glossy, fast curing, UV resistant, aliphatic modified polyurethane, which is liquid applied on a prepared surface to ensure weatherproof and waterproof properties for a long life. It cures to form a tough, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, chemical resistant & UV resistant waterproof membrane. 

PU Clear Coat has excellent clarity and gloss, flexibility and durability, excellent bonding with most construction materials like Tiles, concrete, aluminum, Steel, Wood, etc and the membrane is breathable.

Where you can use RAZON PU Clear Coat for:

  • Swimming Pools, bathrooms, spas, without affecting the aesthetics of the substrate
  • Terraces and Roofs, (Tiled or otherwise)
  • Coatings on flooring of Badminton court, Basketball court, and wrestling arena,
  • Fountains, small ponds etc,
  • Pavement of entrance drive ways of hotels & resorts, tiles entrance of lobby areas etc
  • As a glossy protective coat for Murials, and graffiti art,
  • As a healthy “Anti fungal” coat for hospitals, OT’s and malls etc.
  • Lacquer coats on Wooden tables, seasoned and dried furniture, motor cycles, cars, or other elements.

It is provided in 2 pack system, which is merely mixed and applied. It sets fast and provides a extended long glossy crystal clear finish.

Features & Benefits of Polyurethane paint (PU Coating):

  • 2K system, provided in accurate measure, just mix and apply.
  • Fast curing, easy to apply.
  • Cures to form a tough, flexible and abrasion resistant coating
  • Very good bonding to tiles, most painted surfaces, wood, metal, steel, asbestos, cement surfaces, granites, marble and such natural stones.
  • Sets within 20 minutes, can be walked upon in 2 hours.
  • Thermal stability even at high temperature & low temperatures
  • High elasticity & crack bridging ability– Cures to give a permanently flexible, resilient & glossy clear appearance.

Packaging: 5 kgs, 25 kgs

Coverage: As a waterproofing coating: 60-70 sq. ft. / kg / coat

For more details or commercial quote, pl contact us through our enquiry form by CLICKING HERE. We make it a point to reply within 24-48 hours from recipt of your enquiry.

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