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Bituminous coating is commonly used as most economic protective coating on metal surface, concrete surface as first line of anti corrosion protective coating.


Bitumen being non – biodegradable exhibits excellent film life. It also exhibits excellent adhesion to number of substances, viz – wood, glass, metal, concrete, stone masonry surface etc. it is easy to apply, non hazardous and safe. Its only disadvantage being it is black in color.


The surface to be protected must be cleaned thoroughly, generally sand blasting gives excellent results. However if sand blasting is not feasible, wire brush scrubbing or flint paper scrubbing is adequate to remove all loose material. Mop scrubbed surface with cloth to obtain a firm, clean, dust free surface. Apply two coats of Bituminous Japan Paint- 151 over the surface. Allow 8 hours before applying second coat. Cross coating i.e. if the first coat is across the length then the second coat must be across its breadth. Cross coating ensures that surface to be coated is thoroughly covered.


Bituminous Japan Paint – 151is commonly used for coating on cars under chassis, embedded or exposed M.S./G.I. pipes, concrete footings, railings, metallic surfaces exposed to saline attack, concrete surface exposed to saline attack, pen stock pipes, discharges gates, drinking water tanks

– internally and externally – and scores of other applications.


Bituminous Japan Paint – 151 can be brush coated, its coverage depends upon the nature of the surface being coated. Smooth surfaces yield greater coverage, whereas rough surfaces yield lower coverage. Approximately40 –50 sq. ft. coverage could be expected from a reasonably smooth non-absorbent type of substrate.


Bituminous Japan Paint – 151 is also applied on all wooden surfaces embedded in soil or in ground to protect it against adverse effect of ground water and termites.


For best results this product should be stored in cool dry place away from the sunlight. Preferably keep the lid of the container covered to avoid solvent evaporation or loss. Use mineral turpentine or thinner or kerosene as diluents or thinner. Clean brush and hands with kerosene or thinner after use.


Packing: 1ltr, 4ltr, 20ltr.









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