brick bat waterproofing coba

Depleting natural resources, shortage of natural sound (river sound) & exhorbitant prices of sand have led to the creation of an innovative system, where guaranteed water proofing can be done using zone-2 crushed sand (some quality of sand which is used in RCC work).

Ordinarily crushed sand cannot be used in water proofing screeds due to issue like-

+ Workability

+premature stiffening

+ Excess Water/cement ratio

+ poor finishing

+ poor homogeneity

+ cracking problem

However these are a thing of the past; because since so many years, Razon has developed on admixture which overcomes all the above problems, & completely prevents cracking. Razon IWP CS-63 is the only admixture which can overcome all these problems associated with crushed sand mortars, and provide a crack free + permanent type waterproofing screed.

While stating the terrace waterproofing method, i recall this interesting event which has occured with us-

At a project the execution team wished to establish whether IWP-CS 63 rendered the desired performance in the mortar of crushed sand for waterproofing- meaning it was to be evaluated whether IWP-CS-63 could eliminate all the above problems and make the mortar as workable similar to a natural sand based mortar.

To do this that they staged the following setup. Cleaned & washed the terrace area. Cement + crushed sand Mortar in 1:4 Proportion with admixture Razon IWP – CS-63 added in the ratio of 5 kg additive per 50 kg cement. Water was about 55 Liters to 1 bag cement Mortar (1:4 proportion) the mortar was dry mixed (2 times), thereafter wet mixed (1 time) and kept ready.

Then a mason was called to the terrace (he was not informed that the mortar is prepared using crushed sand) & the mason was asked to spread the mortar & place the bricks, as done in conventional brick bat system. About 20-25 minutes was elapsed by the time the mason arrived on the terrace & took the shovel to begin spreading the mortar.The mason was confused, partly he was wondering why so many engineers present on the terrace watching him work, but he kept his attention to his task at hand. After levelling the mortar which took about 75 minutes post mixing he began placing the bricks. At this point of time he picked up up the mortar in his hand & his expressions changed, we watched him go from confused to un-sure to surprise to in-awe when he exclaimed “THIS IS NOT RIVER SAND, THIS IS DUST” and everyone around burst into laughter and applause.

Then the mason said that he did’nt realise that he was not working in river sand, but he mentioned that it didnt fel much difference, and the mix was much cohesive and in fact it was a very good mortar. As a matter of fact, he says he wouldnt have done it if he was’nt tricked into it !

After placing the bricks (upto 40% depth of the bricks is embedded into the green mortar), the mortar was allowed to dry for 24 hours, no cracks were seen at all. Now the terrace is filled with water for 3 days to enable curing. After that the entire water was drained out, and again 1:4 mortar was prepared using crushed sand + IWP-CS-63 and spread over the entire terrace. After levelling the mortar, cement punning, using paste of cement + sieved (fine particles of the sand) + RAZON IWP-CS-63 was done. This completed the task of brick bat, not one crack developed in the mortar.

After completion of the complete brick bat and even the (ghotai) topping curing was done by ponding for 10 days, and since then not one drop of seepage through the slab over the last 12 years. Even in heavy rainfall of 250mm areas, there is no seepage in waterproofing mortars prepared using IWP-CS-63.

It is evaluated that RAZON IWP-CS 63 brings down the impermeability of concrete/ screeds, by 60%, say if conventional concrete is cast and its permeability is 100 then concrete/ screed cast with RAZON IWP is 40.

Lab test was done to evaluate the permeability co-efficient of waterproof concretes/ screeds, and it was observed that concrete cast with RAZON IWP has an permeability coefficent of 4.8 x10-11 whereas a concrete can be defined impermeable if its permeability coefficeint is of the order 10-9, whilst a concrete is defined as permeable if its coefficient is of the order 10-7

After these lab tests and observations of the mason it was confirmed that RAZON IWP-CS 63 is ideal for

+ Terrace waterproofing

+ Basement Waterproofing

+ Bathroom waterproofing

+ Balcony Waterproofing

+ Concrets of Aquaducts, Dams, Canals, water tanks, swimming pools and any other water retaining structures.

RAZON Integral Waterproofer has been used sucessfully for the waterproofing of:-

  • Olympic size swimming pools
  • Irrigation Water Tanks
  • Tanks in sugar factories
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • World class Hospitals of 500+ beds
  • Structures of Religious places
  • Casting of terrace slabs and waterproofing screeds of builder projects across India along with numerous pvt bunglows

Razon has mastered the chemistry that is required for mortars of crushed sand, and made these mortars useful for various permanent applications like

  • defect free plaster,
  • defect free floor tiling
  • and defect free waterproofing

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