So lets understand the dampness in walls during Rains:-

During construction a builder takes all efforts to see that no water seeps into your house during rains, however it is not always possible that he will give you a completely waterproof wall. Maybe your building has aged, and with age rain water tends to seep into the house.

Water needs a small point to enter- it could be a small spot or a crack. Once water enters it will find a way to make your wall damp giving you ugly stains on your walls along with paint peeling off and blisters of water behind the paint.

So what should you do ? The answer is rather straight forward- stop the water from entering ! That easy; now the tricky part- how should you do it ?

See water requires very little place to enter- a microscopic crack is sufficient for water to enter- if you have a big crack then its no wonder you are facing severe problems. And to stop this seepage we need to cover up all the cracks with the “right coating”.

Now since you have reached RAZON there is no doubt that you will get the best coating material- but first let us see how we can stop the leakages:-

There are three ways:-

  1. Fill up all the cracks(Using RAZON RZ-polymer ED-mortar)- pay attention to the big ones and even the minute ones. This is the most ‘low cost’ alternative- and the highest responsibility of the work is on the shoulders of the painter, because if he misses even one crack your problem will not be solved !
  2. Another alternative is to coat from outside the entire buildings walls with a tough elastic waterproof Paint like RAZON Rubberised Waterproofer-22 which is a flexible and great looking paint (available in a variety of fresh shades) to coat your entire walls. Your building will look new & this coating will hide all the cracks and protect them from water. It will substantially absorb the cracks, if ever they widen, and this is one of the most effective and trusted treatment, because the there is practically no possibility of the applicator missing any cracks.
  3. Another effective method is to apply a clear coating (RAZON WBWR) which is water repelling- that means that water will slip away just like it does on a lotus leaf. The advantage of this treatment is that it is clear and it will not change the color of your building.

So you need not worry, just call us @ and we will arrange to send our representative to suggest the most effective and economical approach to treating your dampness problems. 

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