Incineration of pulverised coal provides energy and fly ash. The Fly ash is collected by an electrostatic precipitator, further it is tested and graded. Only the fly ash that is suitable for construction activities is processed and supplied as RAZON POZZOMIX because it is one of the most efficient pozzolanic materials. This product is used as a substitute of Portland cement in construction applications including but not limited to factory prepared ready to use glues, grouts and mortars and most importantly in all concrete applications,

  • Additions of RAZON POZZOMIX provide
  • Much improved workability in the concretes/ mortars
  • Much improved waterproof characteristics,
  • Practically no plastic shrinkage,
  • Very good and essential cohesiveness in the mixes of concretes/ mortars
  • Dissipated effects of aggressive sulfate attack,
  • Very high impermeability and thus better results in Rapid chloride penetration test
  • And Lower heat of hydration, especially in mass concrete pours, this prevents micro-cracks in the concrete matrix !

Typical Chemical report of RAZON POZZOMIX are as below:-

Test NameTest ResultsRequirements as per ASTMC618
SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3 %88.5970 Min.
Silica as SiO2 %55.93N.S.
Alumina as Al2O3 %24.65N.S.
Iron as Fe2O3%8.01N.S.
Titanium as TiO2%1.11N.S.
Calcium as CaO %6.15N.S.
Magnesium as MgO %1.88N.S.
Sodium as Na2O %1.92N.S.
Potassium as K2O %1.10N.S.
Sulphates as SO3%0.255 Max.
Retention on 45 Micron Sieve %12.6934 Max.
Phosphorus as P2O5 %0.35N.S.
Chloride as Cl %Less than 0.10N.S.
Moisture as MOI %0.57N.S.
Loss on Ignition %0.556 Max.

On substituting OPC by POZZOMIX by upto 30% in concretes, it is observed that a perceptible improvement in the performance of concrete is obtained for most common applications like-

  1. Site batched concrete a.k.a. In – situ concrete (grades upto C-60)
  2. Mixes for Pre cast concrete.
  3. Mixes for Self compacting concrete
  4. Ready mix concrete mixes( grades upto C-60)
  5. Mixes for mass concrete pours

Further, since decades, substitution of upto 40% OPC by incorporating the product RAZON POZZOMIX has proved a consistent success for varied applications like in factory preparations of-

  1. Ready to use grouts for anchors.
  2. Ready to use factory prepared ready mix plasters, and tile glue
  3. Preparation of Portland pozzolonic cement
  4. Factory prepared Masonry mortars, General purpose mortars etc etc…
  5. Ready to use OR IN-situ Foam concrete or areated concrete

Apart from these mainstream applications, POZZOMIX is of great importance in manufacture of construction articles like cement blocks and bricks, concrete pavers, cement cover blocks, Autoclaved Areated Concrete blocks etc…

Lowering the Heat of Hydration of concretes is an in-valuable feature of RAZON POZZOMIX, especially beneficial for mass concrete structures like huge footings, huge foundations, dams etc. What this does is it helps in mitigating the developement of micro – cracks in the concrete matrix, ensuring a tough and strong “monolithic” concrete structure.

Over the last decades, RAZON POZZOMIX has been a boon in construction of various successful projects which include lofty residential / commercial tower projects & MEGA infrastructure projects which define the strenght of a country, like-

  • Tunnels (underground and underwater)
  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Power plants
  • Ports and so on.

If you are seeking a commerical quote or more details, we welcome your enquiries through our enquiry form by clicking here. We try our best to revert back to all enquirires within 24-48 hours.

Over the last decades, RAZON POZZOMIX Is supplied bags of 20/30/40 kg capacity; alternatively if convenient, we supply POZZOMIX in 1.4 MT jumbo bags. POZZOMIX is always dispatched in container load basis.

Technically, replacement of cement by fly ash in concrete lowers the early strengths (3rd day 7th day) as compared to plain cement concretes. However it must be noted that these concrete achieve target strenght at 28 days age, and thus are very safe to say that Fly ash additions does not affect ultimate strengths of concretes.

We have supplied at many projects an additive “RAZON ACC 313”. The objective accomplished by addition of ACC 313 is that it improves 24 hours, 3 day & 7 day strength substantially. They say that these early strenghts are comparable to and much higher than similar mixes made of plain cement concrete.

Some clients shared their experience that by addition of ACC 313 to the concrete upto 70-90% of concrete strenght was obtained within 72 hours of placing the concrete. The performance depends upon the mix design, ambient temperature and raw materials of the concrete. The dosage of ACC 313 is merely 200 ml / 50 kg cementatious material. ACC 313 is added to the concrete at the batching plant. It does not alter(accelerate/ retard) the setting time of concretes.

The pH of Razon AAC 313 is approx neutral, free of  chlorides and nitrates. RAZON ACC 313 is safe for use in steel reinforced concretes. RAZON ACC 313 is considered the latest of generation strength accelerator for concretes.

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