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Admixtures for Water-Proofing 

Sr. No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) IWSP – 102 Increases workability at reduced water cement ratio hence suppressing bleeding and segregation giving water-proof concrete. View TDS
2.) Integral Water Proofer (Liquid) Admixture for integral water proofing. View TDS
3.) Integral Water Proofer (Powder) Highly hydrophobic characteristics of IWP are designed to increase the impermeability coefficient of concrete or cement mortar. View TDS




Sr.No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Rubberised Instant Water Proofer (R.I.W.P) Ruberised Protective & Water-Proof coating for Concrete, Metal, Wooden etc., surfaces. View TDS
 2.) PolyUrethane SG-104 & ALK-104 Triple Layer PolyUrethane WaterProof Coating. View TDS
 3.) RZ Polymer ED Mortar Brush able consistency elastic mortar for filling cracks, forming impermeable barrier on internal and external surfaces and filling gaps. View TDS
 4.) SuperCrete BSF-230 Premium quality Life time WaterProofing system having very high bond strength to substrate, very good abrasion resistance, tensile
strength, very good impact resistance, and resistance to corrosion by mild acids and alkalies.
View TDS
 5.) ReCrystallization RC-198 Once coated, RC-198 dissolves in presence of moisture and penetrates into concrete pores, blocking them increasing concrete impermeability by ReCrystallization process. View TDS
6.) Polymeric WP-854 Polymeric WP-854 Mixed with cement improves compressional and flexural strength of cementatious Mortar providing WaterProof barrier with excellent bonding properties. View TDS
7.) White Water Proofer An excellent coating, which forms a tough, durable, abrasion
resistant film sealing hairline cracks & forming uniformly impermeable barrier to
View TDS
8.) Clear Water Proofer Clear Water Proofer is light Amber coloured, having transparent features on application. It is most suitable for application on stone masonry walls, archeological structures, to protect surface against acid rains. It forms an impermeable barrier. View TDS