What is a Grinding Aid:- Grinding Aids are specially developed liquids based on amines, glycols and other specific proprietary additives, which are used in the grinding process of cement to prevent re-agglomeration of the crushed cement particles. Typically the clinker, gypsum and other minerals are fed into the gridning mill. Out of these the clinker which is fed into the mill in the size of pebbles, typically in the range of 0-20 mm. Further, it is the clinker which is most difficult to pulverize, since the clinker is electrostatically not neutral, and during the shearing and impact on the clinker grannules during the pulverising operation the electrostatic charges developed on the fragmenting clinker pebble cause the clinker to re-agglomerate. This re-binding property causes much higher consumption of energy & time to break down the clinker into the fineness desired. This diminishes the real production capacity of our equipment.

A Grinding Aid is such a liquid which covers the clinker particle whilst it is fragmenting, thereby neutralising the developing charges; and preventing further re-agglomeration. This causes a huge reduction in the re-agglomeration of the clinker resulting in much lower time required to grind the clinker to desired fineness, and reduction in time will ensure much lower energy consumptions to achieve the desired fineness. The visual effect of this phenomenon is observed in reduced “pack set”. Pack set means the hindrance of free flow nature of the powder due to the surface friction of the cement powder particles. Pack set is also observed as formation of hard masses when the cement bags are stacked.

Further RAZONs Grinding Aid improve the fineness for a given processing time by 7-10% and along with this it provides higher strengths at all ages, especially for Portland Pozzolonic Cement (PPC) and Portland Slag Cement (PSC). This provides higher loading of Fly ash / Slag in the cement without affecting the mechanical properties (as shown in the table below), and much higher strengths of cement especially at 1st, 3rd, 7th and 28 days. It is also observed that the water requirement for Std consistency is reduced for a given mix due to the addition of RAZON Super Grind Series.

RAZON manufactures grinding aid which is used for achieving

  • Saving in energy by obtaining desired Blaine value earlier
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower power consumption and thus better profitability
  • Higher production output per unit time.
  • Higher loading of mineral fillers without much deviation in the final product performance
  • Better control on final product.

RAZON Grinding aids have been used because of its reliability, and consistency in providing an exceptionally good quality product.

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NoParticulars Details
1. SUPER GRIND 370 – Most reliable, eliminates pack set, process time saving grinding aid for, to improve output and save on energy costs. For Ball mills. View TDS
2. SUPER GRIND 378 – Most reliable, eliminates pack set, process time saving grinding aid for, to improve output and save on energy costs. Ideal for Vertical roller mills.View TDS
3. SUPER GRIND 500 – Early strength enhancing grinding aid used in the manufacture of cement by grinding of clinker in ball millsView TDS
4. SUPER GRIND 550 – Early strength enhancing grinding aid used in the manufacture of cement by grinding in VRM. View TDS
5. SUPER GRIND 553 – Early and final strength improving grinding aid for manufacture of cement without pack set, and higher fineness. Saves energy and increases loading of mineral fillers.View TDS

Actual PLANT results of Grinding Aid.

Improve Strength and performance of PSC cement

Improve Strength and performance of PPC cement

Improve performance of OPC cement.

Increase 1 day strength, along with increase in the Slag/ Fly Ash

Improve early strengths by 25%

Improve final strength by 25%

Save on clinker, extend your production capacity.

Guaranteed results, better quality.

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