RAZON Manufactures the entire range of Concrete Admixtures, with the most critical raw materials are made in-house, assuring very high quality final product, confirming to the clients requirements. 

These attributes extend our capabilities to tweak our products in such a way that the performance of the admixture satisfies technical parameters of the client; and this is an distinguishing factor between us and others.

While our range is vast, it is difficult to put it up in one place, we have displayed a list of most favorable concrete additives consumed in the Indian market today.

Besides we have a host of other additives that can be used for almost any other application in the civil industry (could be tile grout additives to as important as dam density enhancing additives) – and these additives provide just what conventional systems cannot do- speed, performance, durability and economy. 

Best Fosroc Conplast Admixture for Concrete in Pune. Fosroc admixture equivalent –. Admixtures are delivered to concrete batch without delay earlier than or for the duration of mixing concreteConcrete admixtures 

No  Product Application Technical Data sheet
1  SPRMC 808 S 11B Low Dosage Water reducer- plasticizer with retarding effect View TDS
2 SPRMC RS 15 Water Reducer Plasticizer admixture with slump retention capabilities. View TDS
3 SPRMC R 305 High Range Water Reducer cum Retarder- Superplasticizer for highly workable concrete at low water content. View TDS
4 SPRMC APC-1000 Polycarboxylate based hyper-plasticizer admixture View TDS
(modified end polycarboxylates)
An Accelerating PCE-Hyper plasticizer; which enhances the workability at extremely low water content concrete, and provides high early strenght in 12 hours.  View TDS
6 SPRMC R-310 Polycarboxylate based hyper plasticizer having very high flow properties requiring little to no vibration for Self Compacting Concrete. View TDS
7 SPRMC R244 High Range Water Reducer – Super Plasticizer cum retarder
admixture which retains the workability of concrete.
View TDS


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