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 Concrete Admixtures 

Sr. No. Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
 1.) SPRMC 808 S-11B Low Dosage Water reducer- plasticizer with retarding effect.

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 2.) SPRMC RS 15 Water Reducer Plasticizer admixture with slump retention capabilities. View TDS
 3.) SPRMC R 305 High Range Water Reducer cum Retarder- Superplasticizer for highly workable concrete at low water content. View TDS
4.) SPRMC APC-1000 Polycarboxylate based hyper-plasticizer admixture View TDS
5.) SPRMC APC-1000F
(modified end polycarboxylates)
An Accelerator-Hyper plasticizer; which enhances the workability at extremely low water content concrete, and increases the rate of hydration of the cement, so as to obtain a much rapid increase in strength.  View TDS
6.) SPRMC R-310 Polycarboxylate based hyper plasticizer having very high flow properties requiring little to no vibration for Self Compacting Concrete.  View TDS
7.) SPRMC R244 High Range Water Reducer – Super Plasticizer cum retarder
admixture which retains the workability of concrete.
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