Aluminium Formwork Shuttering oil, Cleaning agent and Seasoning agent

Release Oil / Deshuttering Agent

Shuttering Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

Sr. No Product Name Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Shutter Coat SC-17000 High Performance Mould release agent developed specially for  Aluminium formwork, Mild Steel and laminated ply. Does not adhere to concrete surface after de-shuttering, providing smooth and easy release. View TDS
2.) Shutter Coat SC-2004 Water dilutable mould release agent for smooth and easy release from moulds. Widely used by pre-cast industry. View TDS
3.) Shutter Coat SC-20004M Water based centrin oil/release agent for laminated plywood. View TDS

Aluminum Formwork Coatings 

SrNo. Product Name  Product Application Technical Data Sheet
1.) Seasoner 1223 A unique aluminum seasoning agent, used on aluminum formwork, which allows smooth, clean release of concrete from the first cycle itself. View TDS
2.) Clear Coat 513 Clear Coat 513 is a high bond, solvent base, quick drying, flexible, transparent coating, which is mildly glossy UV resistant and medium abrasion resistant. View TDS
3.) Al-Clean Al-Clean is a quick, effective non-destructive, non toxic way to clean Aluminum, Metallic
formwork and Concrete mixers and machinery.
View TDS